Radiant Heat Solutions

Snow Melting, Pipe Tracing, Roof De-icing, and Floor Heating Applications

A heated paver walkway.

ProLine Radiant is an industry-leading wholesale provider of premier radiant heat solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. ProLine's product offering includes heated driveway (snow melting) systems, industrial and commercial pipe trace systems, roof de-icing, and radiant floor heating solutions. Throughout the country, contractors and professional builders trust ProLine for their radiant heat solutions.

Services that make a Difference

ProLine differentiates itself from other wholesale radiant heat providers by offering comprehensive customer support services. In addition to its wide range of proven products, ProLine Radiant includes technical support for installers, professional system design, and free installation training. The installation courses with a personal instructor are available via video conference online, and are typically completed in less than an hour.

ProLine system design professionals custom design each radiant heat system to best match the specific performance demands and budget of the customer. Snow melting systems are designed according to ASHRAE standards, and in addition to knowing the exact layout of the heat cable and system components, installers will also know the proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and related electrical information prior to any installation taking place. The detailed layout serves as a road map for electricians and installers. System experts are also available to answer any questions that installers may have during the installation.

ProLine Radiant Heat Solutions

A residential heated driveway with pavers.

Custom Snow Melting Systems

  • By offering a variety of radiant heat solutions to meet all your customers’ needs, you’ll capture new business and never have to say “no” to a job again.
  • Distinguish your company from the competition by offering beneficial products and customized solutions.
  • Increase revenue by utilizing ProLine's product discounts and installation support services.
A pipe trace system and heated roof featuring self-regulating heat cable.

Pipe Trace and Roof De-icing

  • Heat trace systems can be installed in a variety of pipe trace and roof de-icing applications.
  • Self-regulating radiant heat systems are easy to customize and install.
  • Pipe trace and roof heating systems can be fully automated and/or operated manually — or both.
  • Self-regulating heat trace systems are maintenance free.
Radiant floor heating system showing tile and heat cable.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems

  • Radiant floor heating systems are programmable and maintenance free
  • Floor heating systems are easy to customize and can be installed under a wide variety of flooring.
  • Heated floors provide luxurious warmth, are cost effective and safe.
  • No dust or allergens are blown through the home or office.
  • Operates discreetly and silently.

Snow Melting

ProLine snow melting systems are among the very best in class. The versatile systems are easy to customize to match the specific snow melting and budget needs of each customer. The radiant heating systems are commonly installed in commercial and residential snow melting applications. Because of the industry-leading customer support services, ProLine Radiant is a favorite among electricians and professional builders. The snow melting cable is available in mats and individual lengths off the spool, making it a versatile, easy-to-customize solution for all types of custom snow melting applications.

Installing a heated driveway is a wise investment in your home that can raise the value of your property. Fortunately, radiant snow melting systems aren’t limited to new construction jobs. Existing driveways can also be retrofitted with radiant heat. Asphalt driveways are particularly easy to add radiant heat. Concrete driveways can also be retrofitted with radiant heat using by using saw cut technology. Each project varies, so call a radiant heat expert and discuss the options for heating your driveway or sidewalks. You may be surprised by the many driveway heating options that are available. ProLine Radiant will work closely with you to determine the best solution for your customer's snow melting needs. Contact a radiant heat professional today at 866.676.9276.

Pipe Trace

ProLine carries a variety of self-regulating parallel circuit heat cable for pipe tracing and basic freeze protection applications. Self-regulating cable has proven to be the technology of choice for heat trace applications. The cable adapts to the environment, so when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance of the heating element increases. This results in a decrease of electricity consumption and helps to ensure safe, energy-efficient operation. This capability also keeps the cable from overheating or burning out, even when touching or overlapping. Because of the self-regulating properties, a thermostat is also not necessary in some applications.

Roof De-icing

ProLine also works closely with contractors to provide commercial and residential radiant roof de-icing solutions. ProLine roof heating and gutter trace systems are among the best in their class, and can be custom designed to meet the customer's specific project needs.

The two most common roof de-icing systems include self-regulating heat trace cable, and low-voltage heating panels. These thin panels can be discreetly installed under shingles as well as metal roofs. For those looking to keep entire roof eaves free of snow and ice, this low-voltage system can't be beat.

Floor Heating

Are you looking for the most efficient way to comfortably heat your home? Radiant heated floors are proving to be one of the most popular options among new homeowners today. With virtually no heat loss, precise control, and luxurious warmth, radiant heat looks to be the future of home heating.

ProLine also carries a diverse selection of premium floor heating systems, with each type featuring its own unique heating elements that are designed for specific floor types. While thin ProLine heating cable and mats are the most commonly installed solution for heating floors, other heating elements include ultra thin (0.016-inch) heating panels (for floating floors), self-regulating low-voltage panels, and even floor heating panels that can be stapled up between floor joists to heat existing floors. For more details about ProLine’s floor heating systems, call and speak with a friendly radiant heat expert today.

Customer Comments

"These days, good customer service is rare, and great customer service is almost nonexistent. ProLine's support services fall into the "great" category. For a new customer with limited experience in outdoor heating, ProLine's support was crucial. Having a video web chat with Tech Support, and looking at the schematic of the job before we began, was one of the reasons for the project’s success. But the step-by-step instruction was only a part of the support that ProLine provided. Throughout the process, they were always in touch. They seemed to anticipate our needs and fulfill them before we even knew what they were ourselves.

As a landscape designer, I have dealt with all sorts of people on all sorts of projects, and the service and support that we experienced from ProLine was among the best. It was a breath of fresh air, and I look forward to hopefully doing a lot of business with them in the future."

Wickie R.
Owner of Drawing Room Ink, LLC


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