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Comparing the Industry's Top Self-Regulating Heat Cable

When comparing head to head with other leading heat cables, ProLine Radiant's self-regulating heat cable is proven to offer some distinct benefits over its competitors. The higher quality outer jacket that does not pull away from the cable's core when being bent for turns, unlike other leading heat cable. This enhanced flexibility of the outer jacket reduces the opportunities for failure and water seepage, which can be a result of "bubbling" on the lesser side of the cable's turn.

NOTE:The information below is also available in a PDF for download. Visit ProLine's DOCUMENTATION web page for more information or click here to view the Self-Reg Heat Cable Comparison.

ProLine Quality - Proven Performance that Stands Above the Rest

ProLine Radiant self-regulating heat cable features a 10-year warranty, high quality components for a rugged construction, and a more flexible outer jacket, resulting in more consistent performance, a longer lifespan, and easier installation in cold temperatures. ProLine Radiant's superior outer jacket gives the cable greater flexibility as well as the capability of being installed in colder temperatures.

Self-regulating heat cable with outer jacket bubble.

The outer jacket of typical self-reg cable tends to “bubble” or separate from the cable core when the cable is manipulated for tight turns or bends. The irregularities caused by the jacket separating from the core create stress points on the cable whereby the jacket cracks, resulting in water reaching the core of the heating element. This causes erratic heating and eventual cable failure. Additionally, the cold weather hampers installation by causing even greater inflexibility in the outer jacket of most heat cable, facilitating the cable's tendency to “pucker" or "bubble” and pull away from the core when it is manipulated for tight or even moderate turns. This is a significant flaw that compromises the heat cable’s integrity, and can ultimately lead to complete cable failure.

This is one reason most self-regulating heat cable manufacturers have minimum recommended installation temperatures of 32 to 40°F. At temperatures lower than this, the carbon in the cable becomes brittle and can easily break when bent or manipulated during installations. Therefore, it is not recommended to install most self-regulating heat cable in cold weather. The outer jacket also becomes more rigid in cold weather, which further jeopardizes the integrity of the heating element and makes the securing of the cable to roofs, gutters, or pipes difficult.

Example of the turn radius and outer jacket of ProLine's self-regulating heat cable.

ProLine's high quality outer jacket is more flexible than other leading cable - even at low temperatures - resulting in more reliable performance and easier installation when using roof clips and securing the cable to roof edges, gutters, and pipes. The heat cable's high quality carbon center is also more resilient in low temperatures, thereby allowing ProLine self-regulating cables to be safely installed at temperatures as low as 0°F.

“In all the years I’ve been installing roof heating systems, I’ve noticed that “bubbles” in the outer jacket of the cable almost always result in a point of failure. The superior outer jacket of ProLine’s self-reg cable helps to eliminate this problem.”

       –Eric W., Roofing Contractor

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