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Installing a Heated Driveway Snow Melting System

ProLine snow melting systems can be installed to provide radiant heating for almost any driveway. The under-pavement snowmelt systems feature an extremely durable design and can even be installed in new asphalt driveways and walkways. Without sacrificing performance, ProLine radiant heating cables and mats are incredibly easy to install compared to other snow melting and radiant heat systems on the market. ProLine carries the top heat cable and products in the industry, backed by the top manufacturer warranties.

All ProLine systems require a control unit that sends power to the heating cable. A certified electrician is required to hook up power to the control unit, but the rest of the automated driveway heating system can be installed by any contractor. Cold leads are wired to the control unit and then run to the location of the radiant heating cable. The cold leads are spliced to the heating cable, and the cable is laid out over the driveway or walkway to be heated. (Cold leads come pre-spliced.)

ProLine Snow Melting Systems can be Installed in a Wide Variety of Applications, including:

Installing radiant heat in concrete Concrete (New Pour)

Concrete is just one application for the ProLine radiant snow melting system. The system is designed to produce a minimum of 30 watts per square foot. The cable is secured to the re-mesh with wire ties at intervals of 3-6 inches. The heating cable can be laid out to heat any size or shape of driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or patio. This system is the perfect fit for residential and commercial applications. Once installed, the radiant heating system is virtually maintenance free. The heated driveway system has no external moving parts making it an excellent, durable solution for all snow and ice melting applications.

Installing radiant heat in asphalt Asphalt (New Construction)

Because of the ProLine heating cable's high quality and durable makeup, it can withstand the heat and compression of newly poured asphalt. The cable is laid out on the base surface (usually sand), and the asphalt is hand shoveled onto the heating cable and base surface. Insulation is usually recommended because it can improve the efficiency and lower the operating cost of your system. Generally speaking, the higher the R-value of the insulating material the quicker the response time. The most commonly used insulations are high-density rigid polystyrene board (1-2 inches), or a reflective bubble insulation. Whatever your desired insulation choice, always consult with your contractor to ensure compliance with local code requirements, insulation ratings (masonry rated, load limits, etc.) and type and thickness to install for your specific application.

Important Note: Heating cable and mats should NEVER lay directly on top of insulation. Please consult technical support or your account manager for installation assistance.

Retrofitting asphalt driveway with radiant heat Asphalt (Driveway Repaving)

This system is also unique because it is not limited to installation in new driveways. If you are repaving your existing asphalt driveway, then you're in luck. The ProLine cable needs only to be embedded in a ½-inch of asphalt. The cable is secured to the existing asphalt with clips and nails, then the new asphalt is hand shoveled on to the existing driveway and cable. The ProLine system is the easiest system to install and provides the best performance for heating asphalt driveways.

Snow melting system under pavers Brick and Stone Pavers

Installing a snowmelt system under brick pavers is the easiest method of installation, and cable heating systems are the most effective systems for pavers. The cable is simply laid out on the base surface over the area to be heated, and the pavers are installed as normal over the cables. The ProLine snowmelt system can be installed easily under any type of pavers. Because the radiant heating cable has been rigorously tested and approved for wet conditions, moisture can come in contact with the cable and not affect its performance.

For more information, call a ProLine representative today: 866.676.9276.

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