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Customers have many options when it comes to installing a radiant snow melting system. Entire driveways can be heated, or the systems can be customized to melt snow and ice in specific, troublesome areas such as inclines or shaded areas. Regardless of the customer’s needs, an electric snow melting system can be easily designed and installed to meet the specific layout and demands of the customer.

Heated driveway and parking entrance

Electric heated driveway systems are fully automated and maintenance free – and ProLine’s professional design team will create the layout that will result in the best performance for each installation. Automated snow melting systems are especially advantageous for business owners who worry about customer safety and litigation. Instead of having to arrive at their business early to plow and shovel snow, ProLine radiant heat systems activate when needed, so there’s no buildup. The systems detect when snow first starts falling and activate as the first flakes hit the ground. This ensures that walkways with heavy pedestrian traffic or potentially hazardous areas such as steps, inclines and ramps remain free of snow and ice throughout snowstorms to help ensure the customers’ safety. Homeowners can also choose where to install radiant heat in a way that is best for their snowmelt needs and budget.

As radiant heat systems gain popularity in Northern America, many contractors are beefing up their bottom line by adding radiant heat installation to their service offerings. And as many professional builders can attest, ProLine is the perfect radiant heating system partner to work with – for indoor and outdoor radiant heat systems. Contractors not only enjoy the benefit of using trusted industry leading system components, but they get those products at discounted (wholesale) prices.

Industry Leading Heated Driveway Components

ProLine snow melting systems feature the industry’s most reputable components. The fully automated systems include heat cable, snow sensor (activation device), contactor panel (optional with or without GFEP), and a marker plate (as required by the NEC).

ProLine Heat Cable

ProLine’s snow melting heat cable is a proven industry leader that is being used in a variety of radiant snow melting systems throughout Northern America. The twin-conductor, single-point connection heat cable features premier workmanship and materials, and is UL listed. It is designed with FEP/XLPE insulation, polyolefin jacketing design (for flexibility and protection), allowing the radiant heating system to consistently provide top performance during winter conditions. Coupled with outstanding customer support services and a 10-year manufacturer warranty, ProLine snow melting systems are designed and built to outperform all competing products.

ProLine snow melting heat cable in mat
ProLine snow melting heat cable in mat

In addition to its trusted snow melting heat cable, ProLine also carries a specially designed cable for hot asphalt installations. This cable for asphalt applications is designed to handle a maximum external jacket temperature, and is rated at 460°F (240°C) for up to 10 minutes.

Activation Device (Snow Sensor)

ProLine snowmelt systems feature the industry’s most advanced and renowned aerial-mount and in-ground snow sensors. The aerial-mount snow sensor is capable of sensing temperature and precipitation. When precipitation is detected and the temperature is below the adjustable ‘trigger point’ (usually 39°F), the unit signals the snow melting system controller (contactor panel). The contactor panel then sends power to the embedded heat cable, warming the driveway and preventing any snow buildup.

Snow melting system snow sensor
WS-2C snow sensor for automated snow melting systems.

These aerial-mount snow sensors are smart system compatible and feature an adjustable delay off cycle, upgradeable remote activation, and adjustable temperature set point.

The in-ground activation device is also available for ProLine snow melting systems. But this sensor – installed in the surface of the driveway – is most commonly used in large commercial snow melting applications; but can be used in residential systems if desired. Rather than using a contactor panel, the in-ground sensors require a small wall-mounted control unit. This controller is a small, NEMA 1, advanced control panel, only 6×3.5 inches wide and 3.5-inches tall. The units can be controlled from an external signal (day/week timer, GSM-module or other signal source) and can be switched on/off (standby). The controller also features a 4-hour timer that serves as a manual backup so the system can be activated to melt snow drifts or ice that may have formed on the driveway.

Contactor Panel

Contactor panels are most commonly used in residential snow melting system applications. In an effort to save installers time and money, ProLine carries a variety of contactor panels with and without ground fault equipment protection (GFEP). In addition to minimizing the risk of faults the panels with ground fault equipment protection eliminate extra wiring installation steps and costs. Upon receiving a signal from the activation device (snow sensor), the panel sends power to the heating cable.

Contactor panel with GFEP
A 100-amp contactor panel with GFEP for automated snow melting systems.

All contactor panels are pre-wired and UL listed, complete with a NEMA 4 enclosure, wiring diagram, terminal connection block, and two or four 3-pole contactors. Timer panels can be used as stand alone or in conjunction with an automatic controller.

In addition to offering premier quality system components, ProLine Radiant provides unsurpassed customer services. These comprehensive services include system design and layout, installation training, technical support, and system design and layout services. A vast online library of installation videos and product documentation is also available on ProLine’s website. For free consulting, or to learn more about ProLine’s many products and services call 866.676.9276 today.