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Designing the Optimum Radiant Heat Solution

For contractors and construction professionals new to radiant heat system installations, the thought of installing a heated driveway, heated floors, or a roof de-icing system can be daunting. While the financial benefits may be enticing, taking on something new can pose challenges. Where does one begin? What are the preinstallation steps? What’s the layout?

ProLine leads the wholesale supplier business by providing the services that are vital for building professionals. In fact, ProLine takes care of the details and legwork when it comes to radiant heat installations, so contractors are free to deal with their overall management of their projects.

One of the key services provided is ProLine’s system design services. These detailed system layouts not only show the placement of all the system components, but also include all of the electrical information, including: proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc. Your electrician will have all the information needed at his/her fingertips.

Every ProLine snow melting system is designed to meet the specific demands of the customer, and to ensure optimum system performance. Factors taken into consideration include the project’s location, elevation and average winter conditions, as well as the power requirements and availability, and of course, the customer’s budget.

Sample layout of a radiant floor heating system
Example of a radiant floor heating system layout.

The system layout serves as the road map for installers. The AutoCAD® shows the entire detailed layout of the heating cable. It shows where to begin laying the heating element out so that the cold leads can be conveniently connected to the control unit, and also the exact position of the activation device. To further simplify the installation process, installers also receive free installation training from ProLine. A radiant heat professional covers every aspect of the installation, which ultimately saves time and money in the long run.

Proper installation is the key to the successful performance of radiant snow melting, heat trace, and floor heating systems. Knowing this – and despite being a wholesale radiant heat provider – ProLine takes extra care in producing detailed system design/layout for each customer. Having a smart design and accurate layout of the system help to ensure a quick, efficient, installation, and frees up contractors so they can focus on what they do best. Having ProLine in your corner for radiant heat installations is a smart business move. The industry-leading design and support services offered by ProLine are virtually unheard of among wholesale providers.

Professional design and layout of radiant heated driveway
Example of radiant snow melting system AutoCAD.

Put the experience of ProLine to work for you by adding radiant heat installation to your service offerings. ProLine system designers are seasoned professionals who have designed systems for all types of residential and commercial snow melting projects, ranging from airports and commercial shopping centers to residential driveway, steps, ramps, and more. Trust ProLine with all your radiant heating needs.

ProLine Radiant is a leading wholesale provider of radiant heat solutions. For more information about radiant snow melting systems, roof de-icing and heat trace solutions, or floor heating systems, call a friendly ProLine representative today, at 866-676-9276.

ProLine Snow Melting Systems

When it comes to offering snow melting system installations, professional builders won’t find a better partner to work with than ProLine Radiant. ProLine carries the highest quality radiant snow melting systems for commercial and residential applications. In addition to receiving proven products with wholesale pricing discounts, contractors also benefit from ProLine’s industry-leading customer support services.

ProLine’s team of radiant heat experts provides a range of support services, including free installation training, complete system design and layout, and technical support during the installation. Having a team of experts on hand during the installation gives contractors peace of mind, and helps to ensure timely, hassle-free installations. The end result is another satisfied customer. Knowing that ProLine has your back, from start to finish, is crucial for contractors who are busy multitasking, and coordinating an assortment of current and future projects.

ProLine’s comprehensive support services allow professional builders to offer – and complete – more projects. Many ProLine customers are bolstering their bottom line by offering radiant heat installations to business owners and municipalities.

Snow melting system installed in ramp to parking structure.
A radiant snow melting system installed in ramps to a large commercial parking structure.

During the winter months, business owners face the challenge of keeping sidewalks, parking areas, and entryways safe for their customers. While it’s been common practice to hire snow removal services and task employees to salt and shovel the walks, keeping areas ice-free throughout the work day is never a given. Steps and walkways have to be continuously monitored, and employees must consistently step away from their typical daily responsibilities to maintain walkways and areas to ensure the safety of the customers.

For business owners, automated snow melting systems provide the ideal solution. The installation of an automated snowmelt system helps to ensure that steps, walkways, ramps, and other areas remain clear of snow and ice throughout the day and night. The systems are triggered by weather events; however, these fully automated systems can also be activated manually.

ProLine snow melting systems consist of premier heat cable that is available pre-spaced in mats or in individual lengths off the spool. The systems also feature activation devices that detect temperature as well as precipitation. These sensors can be mounted in the pavement, or near the roofline of any home or business structure. When the snow sensor detects moisture, and the temperature is below the adjustable set point (typically set at 38 F or 39 F), a signal is then sent to the controller, and then power is sent to the embedded heat cable (or other heating element). The area quickly begins to warm in order to prevent snow from building up.

Automated snow melting systems can be installed in a wide variety of applications and custom layouts. Systems are typically installed in concrete, asphalt, and under pavers. Areas can also be retrofitted with radiant heat.

Asphalt driveway being retrofitted with radiant heat.
A residential asphalt driveway being retrofitted with a radiant snow melting system.

To heat asphalt, heating cable is laid out over the area to be warmed, and then a new layer of asphalt is then applied. To heat existing concrete, saw-cut technology is used. Small channels are cut into the concrete, and the heat cable is then placed in the channels. Once the cable is installed and wired, a topcoat of epoxy is applied to seal the embedded cable. Oftentimes, a sand broadcast is then sprinkled over the epoxy (prior to curing) to provide additional traction to increase the safety of the newly heating area.

ProLine snow melting systems are easy to customize, both in terms of layout and budget. If you have customers with unique layout issues, and/or a seemingly limited budget, ProLine system designers can work with you to provide the ideal snow melting solution. A variety of options are available. Call a radiant heat expert at ProLine today to learn more about how we can provide the ideal system for you and your customer(s).

ProLine Radiant is a leading wholesale provider of radiant heat solutions. For more information about radiant snow melting systems, roof de-icing and heat trace solutions, or floor heating systems, call a friendly ProLine representative today, at 866-676-9276.

ProLine Offers New Controller

ProLine Adds Advanced IoT Controller to its Growing List of Product Offerings

Professional builders throughout North America have come to rely on ProLine Radiant for all their radiant snow melting and heat trace needs. Unlike other wholesale providers, ProLine not only offers a wide selection of industry-leading products, but backs those products with unmatched customer support services. ProLine’s customer services include free installation training, technical support, and comprehensive system design and layout.

As an established leader, ProLine constantly develops and researches the latest technologies and products. Consistently offering customers a large selection of the most proven and advanced products, coupled with industry-leading services is why ProLine is the trusted wholesale provider of radiant snow melting, home heating, and roof de-icing systems.

In keeping with ProLine’s commitment to offer its customers a large selection of the industry’s latest premium quality products, ProLine recently added the EcoTrace IC controller to its line of snow melting and de-icing system controls. The advanced device is a single-circuit IoT heat trace controller for use in snow melting, freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications.

What is IoT?

The term “IoT” refers to the Internet of Things. This new technology happens to be one of the most important advancements of this century. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows us to connect everyday objects such as cars, kitchen appliances, roofs, and other inanimate objects to the Internet via embedded devices. The devices (or sensors) can be used to measure performance or environmental parameters. The data is then transmitted through a communications network, making it possible to have seamless communication between people, processes, and things. The technology has proven to be highly beneficial and can be used to optimize the efficiency and performance of a variety of objects.

EcoTrace IC Controller for snow melting and heat trace applications.
The advanced “smart” controller for snow melting and heat trace applications.

How does the EcoTrace IC Controller Use “Iot” Technology

The EcoTrace IC controller allows the user to choose from a selection of weather-based control algorithms, which include, roof de-icing, gutter or pipe heat tracing, and driveway snow melting systems. The smart controller uses its proprietary algorithms to process weather data and then adjusts the system’s power output according to the conditions brought on by the weather event. In addition to activating the heating system, the controller’s “smart” snow melting capability includes optional preheating, the ability to ignore light storms, and dynamic heating after the storm, all to improve overall system performance and reduce energy use and operating cost.

Pipe Heat Trace

For pipe trace applications, the EcoTrace IC controller can be used for efficient freeze protection and temperature maintenance. A temperature sensor can be connected, whereby ambient or pipe sensing modes can be used to prevent pipes from freezing. Hybrid freeze protection combines weather forecast data with the local sensor data to control freeze protection systems up to 40 percent more efficiently. The temperature sensor can also be used for process temperature maintenance, grease waste lines, and hot water maintenance lines (HWM).  

Heat trace failures can result in small leaks, pipes that freeze and rupture, and damage to critical equipment. With the comprehensive 24/7 system monitoring and automated fault notification, you can rest easy knowing your systems are working. The device’s cloud platform allows you to manage all of your heat tracing systems in one place, even if you are somewhere else.

Connect from Anywhere

The advanced IoT controller connects to the Frio Cloud via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Cellular. When connected to the Cloud, the controller uploads system status and receives operational commands. Multiple devices can be joined together in the Cloud platform, which allows the user to have centralized control of multiple heat tracing systems. When accessed via the Cloud, the user can check status, activate the system, or run a diagnostic test. There’s no longer any need to physically check the heat trace control system.

Technical Details

A controller with Modbus and BACnet connectivity is available, as well as one without, which accepts a thermistor only. Both controller models support Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. The devices are designed to use 802.11n Wi-Fi operating in the 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band. Both units are compatible with older 2.4GHz 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11a networks. The ethernet connection supports 10Mbps and 100Mbps operation. See the user manual for firewall information.

The controller can drive up to a 30A resistive load to control electric heat trace systems operating between 110 VAC and 277 VAC. The IC (Internet Controller) comes in an outdoor-rated enclosure, tested to IP67 standard.

The controller also allows for the user to manually activate the device for a set period of time. Manual override can be set from the device’s Cloud platform, or through Modbus for BMS connected systems.

ProLine Radiant is a leading wholesale provider of radiant heat solutions. For more information about radiant snow melting systems, roof de-icing and heat trace solutions, or floor heating systems, call a friendly ProLine representative today, at 866-676-9276.

Self-Regulating De-icing Solutions

For years, ProLine has been the ‘go-to’ provider for radiant roof de-icing and pipe trace solutions. Professional builders have come to rely on ProLine because they know that in addition to receiving premium quality products, ProLine also includes industry-leading support services.

To address residential and commercial roof de-icing needs, ProLine offers the most reliable roof de-icing solutions available. The top two systems utilize self-regulating heating elements. One affordable system is ProLine’s popular self-regulating heat cable, and the other is the low-voltage RoofHeat STEP® de-icing system.

The self-regulating RoofHeat STEP element features a thin, flexible polymer heating panel that can be installed to heat asphalt, shake, tile shingles, single-ply membrane, as well as metal roofs. The heating element is polypropylene fused during fabrication to achieve water proofing and protection from alkaline or salt damage. The heating elements can also be stapled or nailed through during installation.

Low-voltage roof heating system being installed
A low-voltage roof heating system being installed on resort hotel roof.

This versatile low-voltage system is ideal for keeping entire roof eaves and valleys free of snow and ice. These systems utilize a step-down transformer, and the heating panels are installed discreetly under the roofing material, thereby maintaining the original look of your roof. Each RoofHeat transformer steps down high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less) while controlling a specific section of the roof de-icing system. The individual control boxes monitor the power and output to the heating element to ensure safe, accurate, and efficient performance.

Heated roof valley and edge.
A low-voltage de-icing system installed along eave and in roof valley.

Self-regulating heat cable is also a favorite among roofing professionals. Individual strands of heat cable can facilitate runoff, and help to prevent ice-dams from forming. The cable is typically fun along the roof eaves in a zigzag pattern, and secured to the shingles. The versatile cable can also be installed in roof gutters and downspouts to help ensure unimpeded runoff.

Heat cable installed in commercial gutter trace application
Heat trace cable installed in the gutter of a large, commercial building.

Heat trace cable systems are easy to customize and install. The heat cable can be installed in trouble spots, and only in areas where the customer needs. Another reason why customers like the heat trace cable so much is because of its affordability. This is the most inexpensive option for customers who are looking to eliminate ice dams and enhance safety.

ProLine offers a variety of industry-leading roof de-icing solutions. For more information, contact a roof heating professional at 866-676-9276, or contact us to get started today.

The Simple Things in Life

ProLine Makes Radiant Heat Installations Easy

“Don’t forget to enjoy the simple things in life.” Like many other kids, that was one piece of advice handed down to me by parents and teachers alike. Certainly, it’s good advice for all of us, but sometimes we lose sight of the simple things because we’re so busy trying to survive our complicated lives. Sure, I’ll stop to enjoy the sunset – right after I take care of this invoice, and then call to confirm the Johnson’s hot-mix asphalt delivery. Oh, and after I email this quote to the Coopers.

Like most other gold nuggets of wisdom passed down to me, “enjoy the simple things” was placed prominently on my shelf, so to speak, but over time it slowly got pushed aside. I was too busy to notice when it fell down between the wall and the bookcase. Life as a general contractor can be too busy to notice the simple things; or so I thought.

Few things are simple in the construction business. But when you find something simple that works, well, then that’s something worth hanging on to. Which is why I hang on to my relationship with ProLine.

You wouldn’t think that adding radiant heat installations to your service offerings would be a simple way to boost your bottom line, but ProLine made it easy for me. You see, unlike other wholesale providers of radiant heated driveways, roof de-icing, pipe tracing, and floor heating systems, ProLine includes unparalleled support services. These services make all the difference in the world because they simplify things for me.

Sure, the pricing alone made it enticing for me to consider radiant installations. But seeing how ProLine takes care of so much of the legwork on each project, I felt like I couldn’t go wrong in giving it a try. When I had the opportunity to install a heated ramp for a large commercial parking structure, I jumped at the chance. I called ProLine.

Snow melting system installed in ramp to parking structure.

Keep in mind that ProLine is a wholesale provider. They provide products to your local electrical wholesaler. When you go to your electrical wholesaler and purchase ProLine radiant heat products, you also get the industry-leading customer support services as well. This used to be unheard of for wholesale providers! ProLine’s support services include free installation training, installation support, and complete system design and layout. This is good news for me and my customers. I don’t get bogged down with a lot of details. I let the radiant heat experts do what they do best, and they let me focus on what I do best.

ProLine’s system design team is as good as they come. Every system is carefully thought out, and custom designed to meet the specific demands (and budget) of the customer, and every detail of the system is covered in the AutoCAD. In addition to the precise layout of the heating elements and components, other info includes the electrical demands, performance needs, and budget. Your electrician will know everything he needs to properly install the system, including the proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on.

The detailed layout then serves as a road map for the installation team. But before any installation takes place, free installation training is provided. The training is offered via video conference, and is usually completed in less than an hour. The instructor goes over every aspect of the installation, and installers can stop and ask questions at any time.

Despite the free training, sometimes questions can arise during an installation. If that’s the case, no problem. ProLine has a staff of installation experts who are always available and happy to assist. Your electrician or installer can call to clarify or address any issue at hand.

To be honest, I really don’t do much, or worry much about installing radiant heat nowadays. I trust ProLine. Sure, I was a little nervous during my first couple of installs, but now I feel confident in offering all types of radiant heat solutions. And having the radiant heat arrow in my quiver of offerings has helped my business. Where others say “no”, I can say “yes”.

I am grateful there are companies like ProLine that not only provide quality products at affordable prices, but back those products with absolute top-notch services. I appreciate ProLine for making it easy for me to grow my business. I now have a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life.

Hey, did you see that sunset last night? Spectacular!

For more details about radiant floor heating systems from ProLine, or snow melting systems, call a friendly ProLine representative today, at 866-676-9276.

Heat Trace Solutions

De-icing Systems you can Trust

I do a lot of construction-related work in a mountain resort town, known worldwide for its miles of pristine ski runs featuring the “best snow on earth”. It’s a great place for winter sports enthusiasts and vacationers, but as residents know all too well, this “best snow on earth” can also take a toll on roofs and other structures.

While I won’t complain about having a steady workload, it still bothers me to see homeowners spending money on repairs that could have been avoided. Afterall, I’m a homeowner too.

The most common problem associated with winter roof damage is that caused by ice dams. Many water-damage issues that I’ve seen could have been avoided, simply by preventing ice dams from forming.

One key contributor to ice dams is a poorly insulated attic. Ice dams typically form because warm air in the attic heats the roof, and the melted snow trickles down the roof before it refreezes along the roof eaves. (Since there is no warm air reaching the eaves, the roof edges are colder.) The runoff then freezes as it crosses over the cold surface, creating a small ridge of ice. Over time, more and more runoff reaches the ridge of ice, where it also refreezes. Eventually, a large ridge forms, and subsequent runoff from the melted snow pools up behind the ridge. Here is where the problems can occur.

Icicles over a home's entryway
A home in need of a de-icing system.

Obviously, pools of water on a roof are not good. When water and gravity join forces, they combine to produce a pretty potent one-two punch. Water can find the tiniest cracks and imperfections on a roof. After seeping into these areas, it refreezes at night, where it expands, exacerbating those small faults and cracks.

Most roofs are durable, and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but the reality is that no roof is intended to endure prolonged periods under a pool of standing water. If this “freeze-thaw” process goes unnoticed over the years, roof damage is most likely inevitable. Water will eventually hitch a ride with gravity and find its way into the home.

In one case, water seeped into a house for years, but was not noticed because it trickled down behind a wall located in a remote part of the home. Additionally, because the wall was mostly obscured, the damage remained unnoticed. Only after the water stain expanded considerably was it also discovered that small patches of mold had formed. The cost of the repair work was substantial.

Now, I’m not trying to scare people into installing a roof de-icing system, but when I can, I like to encourage homeowners to take precautions in order to avoid potential problems like water damage. Preventive maintenance allows us to keep one step ahead of the disaster train. Instead of trying to tackle one home repair after another, I prefer to head them off at the pass by administering a little preventive medicine.

All homeowners should inspect their attic to make sure that it is properly insulated. The less warmth that enters the attic, the less likely it is that the bottom layer of snow on the roof melts. Less runoff from snow higher up on the roof means there’s less chance of ice dams from forming. Remind your clients to inspect their attics and make sure that the insulation is abundant, and well applied.

Roof with heated valley and edges
A roof with a de-icing system installed to heat valleys and edges.

For consumers who have small “problem areas” that are susceptible to ice dams, there is no denying the effectiveness of a roof de-icing system. Systems such as the low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system can be installed under shingles to keep entire roof eaves, valleys, and problem areas completely free of snow and ice during the winter months. (This system can also be safely installed under metal roofs.) However, the most affordable “dam buster” is self-regulating heat trace cable.

ProLine’s self-regulating heat cable can be installed along roof eaves and edges in a serpentine pattern to prevent ice dams and facilitate runoff. The heat trace cable doesn’t melt ALL the snow from the roof eaves, but it effectively eliminates the formation of large ice dams by providing channels that allow the melted snow to find its way to the gutter and downspouts. The durable heat trace cable is versatile can also be installed in roof gutters and downspouts.

The flexible cable’s outer jacket features UV-stabilized thermoplastic elastomer that protects the irradiated conductive core. The self-regulating property allows the conductive core to increase heat output as the temperature falls and decrease output when the temperature rises. This ensures energy-efficient operation, and prevents it from overheating, even if the cables touch.

Because of the affordability and effectiveness of this de-icing system, many consumers opt to install the heat cable on all the roof eaves of their home or business. ProLine system designers create a detailed layout of the system for the installers, which includes all the electrical information necessary for the electrician.

Despite being a wholesale provider of snow melting and de-icing systems, ProLine includes industry-leading support services for the end user. Contractors and building professionals work with ProLine because they know they will receive the services and support necessary to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. Free installation training is provided, as well as technical support, and professional system design and layout. Every system is custom designed to best meet the needs of each customer.

ProLine is the provider of choice for a growing number of contractors. To learn more about ProLine roof de-icing and heat trace systems, contact a friendly professional today, at 866-676-9276.

Radiant Floor Heating

ProLine Offers Industry-Leading Thermostats

Homeowners have many options when it comes to home heating systems. For years, the standard has been the typical forced-air systems, with furnaces, blowers, and ductwork. But times are changing, and homeowners are not only looking for optimum comfort, but top-notch efficiency. In terms of efficiency and unparalleled comfort, one heating technology rises far above any other. That technology is radiant heat.

Offering radiant floor heating installation for your customers can be a boon to your business. ProLine makes this easy. We offer a wide variety of electric floor heating systems, as well as hydronic systems. (Hydronic floor heating systems use specially treated water that is heated by a boiler and circulated through special PEX tubing that is embedded in the floor.)

ProLine radiant floor heating systems range from thin heat cable and mats to near-paper-thin heating panels, low-voltage systems, and more. If your customers are looking to install radiant heat under hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, or any other type of flooring, ProLine can match your customers with the ideal system that meets their heating needs and fits their budget.

Heated hardwood floor

ProLine Offers a Variety of Floor Heating Systems Including:

ProLine TileHeat: As the most popular floor heating option, this versatile system features thin heat cable (available in mats and spools) is effective for heating a wide variety of floors.

FilmHeat: This remarkable heating element is thinner than a credit card, and is regarded by flooring professionals at the best option for heating laminate and floating floors. A variation of FilmHeat can also be used to heat existing floors. The thin heating panels are stapled up between the floor joists, allowing homeowners to heat their floors without having to undergo any major remodeling.

Slab Heating: ProLine offers a rugged heat cable that is designed to withstand the stress of concrete pours. The heat cable is recommended for heating floors with concrete slabs, and is a common choice for those looking to heat basements.

Low-voltage FloorHeat: This system features thin, low-voltage polymer panels. The heating element is ideal for installation under hardwood floors.

FoilHeat: The FoilHeat floor heating system features thin heat cable that is sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminum. The FoilHeat system is designed for heating laminate and engineered wood floors, but can also be used under carpet.

Prodeso: The flexible underlayment membrane provides an innovative uncoupling and waterproofing system for heating floors and other surfaces without movement or expansion joints in the screed.

ProLine floor heating systems are among the best on the market. One reason why these systems are so efficient, and easy to use, is because of the advanced thermostats. The latest floor heating system thermostat added to ProLine’s offerings is the LED WiFi Touch thermostat.

This beautifully designed touch-screen thermostat provides easy, intuitive control. Users can also adjust and monitor their floor heating system remotely by accessing it locally through Bluetooth® or virtually anywhere else when connected to the Cloud service through WiFi. Users can also control the thermostat through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices. The LED WiFi thermostats also have an easy-to-follow installation wizard that guides you through the setup process.

The LED WiFi floor heating thermostat
The LED WiFi Touch thermostat for radiant floor heating systems.

The advanced thermostat transmits encrypted data securely via TLS 1.3. This is the latest encryption technology, which allows faster and more secure connections. When connected via WiFi, take advantage of the secure and comprehensive WPA3 protocol.

A variety of other thermostat options are also available to your customers. ProLine floor heating system controllers range from programmable “TOUCH” thermostats to simple control devices for those on a budget.

ProLine’s radiant heat solutions are backed by industry-leading customer support services. Each system is customized by expert system designers. ProLine’s design team members know the products and are committed to create the system that best meets the customer’s specific demands and expectations. Detailed system layouts that include all technical information needed for installation are provided to the installer / electrician. The information includes materials, system performance expectations, number of breakers, breaker sizes, and proper load calculations. This layout serves as the road map for installers which allows them to quickly and efficiently install the ProLine system.

Free installation training is also provided by ProLine. The training is available via video conference with an instructor who covers all aspects of your system’s installation. Installers interact with the instructor, and can stop to ask questions at any time. Installers also have access to ProLine’s dedicated support professionals. Radiant heat experts are available to answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise during the installation process. An online library of photos and illustrations, product documentation, and instructional videos is also available on ProLine’s website.

Contact a professional at ProLine today for more information on our many custom radiant heat solutions, at 866-676-9276.

The Ultimate Partner

ProLine Offers Wholesale Pricing and Unmatched Customer Services

Running a profitable business is about providing valuable services (and products) that help customers find convenient, helpful ways to improve their life or business. One way for construction professionals to do this is to ensure the upcoming winter season doesn’t catch them off guard. For business owners, winter snow and ice can lead to hazardous conditions that create liability issues and slow the flow of customers. With ProLine wholesale radiant heating products, winter can remain productive and profitable for everyone.

ProLine can help you offer residential and commercial customers innovative solutions to keep their businesses safe and clear this winter. The demand for radiant heat installation increases as the temperature decreases, making it the perfect choice for construction professionals to add to their repertoire.

A good place to start is with radiant heated driveways. Heating driveways is a popular choice for homeowners, and eases the pain and hassle of manual snow removal. ProLine’s versatile electric radiant heat cable can be used under almost any medium, including asphalt, concrete, and pavers. Electric radiant heating cable is rugged and reliable, delivering years of peak performance. The cable is available in individual lengths, as well as pre-spaced in mats that can be rolled out for easy installation.

Cambridge paver heated driveway.
A radiant snow melting system installed for a long heated paver driveway.

Snow melting systems can be customized for virtually any application. Radiant heat is ideal for installation in residential driveways or large commercial applications. Radiant heat can be installed to heat driveways, ramps, parking areas, sidewalks, and even steps. Heated steps are particularly important to keep clear of snow and ice during the winter months. Needless to say, providing safe access to one’s business or home is vital. Keeping steps, walkways, and parking areas clear with Proline radiant heat cable is the surest way to keep customers and employees safe throughout the winter season.

Radiant heating systems can be easily customized to meet one’s budget and snow melting needs. If heating an entire area doesn’t meet your customers’ needs, ProLine’s customer service experts can design a custom solution that best suits their needs. For driveways, check out these great options:

Heat a center strip: Customers who may not want to heat an entire area can simply heat the center strip.  Instead of heating the entire surface area, some homeowners opt to heat an 8-10 feet wide strip. This option is perfect for specific areas that see higher amounts of traffic and makes sense for a lot of homeowners.

Heat two tire tracks: Customers often use theProLine heating mats to heat two 24-inch-wide tire tracks. The heating cable is pre-spaced in the mats, which are conveniently laid out, making installation quick and easy. Heating only two tire tracks also requires less power than a system heating the entire driveway, making this an excellent solution for homeowners on a tight budget.  

Specific areas: Use ProLine’s state-of-the-art mats or cable to heat troublesome areas anywhere around a business or a home. Heat cable can be installed in just about any area. Heating steps, heavily shaded areas, or driveway inclines can be the ideal solution for many.

Heated paver steps
A heated walkway and steps leading to the front door of a residence.

Roof de-icing is another solution to help customers prevent any costly repairs associated with water damage from a leaking roof. ProLine can help prevent heavy ice and snow from destroying roofs and causing property damage. Snow and ice buildup can create ice dams along roof edges. Ice dams prevent roof drainage and cause seepage that can lead to mold and mildew inside. One solution is to install heating cable.

Self-regulating heat cable features an irradiated conductive core with a rugged outer jacket to protect it from water and alkaline damage. The self-regulating heat cable is easily placed along roof edges, eaves, or trouble spots to provide channels for the runoff, and prevent ice dams from forming.

Freezing temperatures can also lead to broken pipes and expensive water damage that can take months to repair. Using pipe trace cable from ProLine can prevent these hazards. Pipe trace cable is the most effective option for any outdoor pipes. Commercial and industrial customers benefit from installing heat trace cable.

While ProLine’s variety of products ensures peak performance, what really sets ProLine apart is its comprehensive customer support services. ProLine is unlike other wholesalers on the market. These services allow contractors to focus on their business. No more worrying about hunting down products you need or wondering if they will get delivered on time. ProLine has resources and vast warehouse facilities that manufacture and house their products. We know that your time is especially valuable in the winter season and work hard to ensure our supply meets demand without frustrating delays.

ProLine’s comprehensive customer service starts with system design professionals. They know the products inside and out and work hard to meet every customer’s needs and expectations. Once the design professional has all the information, they can start on a custom-designed system. Every system comes with a detailed layout of the system, as well as all technical information needed for installation. The information includes materials, system performance expectations, number of breakers, breaker sizes, and proper load calculations. This layout allows installers to quickly and efficiently install any system.

Installation training is also free with ProLine. The training is provided via video conference with an instructor who will cover all aspects of installation and spend time with you to answer any questions. After installation training, installers have access to ProLine’s dedicated support professionals. They are available to help answer questions or help resolve any problems that may arise during the process of installation. An online library of photos and illustrations, product documentation, and instructional videos is also available anytime. No matter what your needs are, ProLine is there from start to finish. That why ProLine is a favorite among building professionals.

If you have questions, call and speak to a professional at ProLine today at 866-676-9276.

The Many Custom Applications of Radiant Heat

As radiant heated driveways gain traction across the country, home and business owners are also installing radiant heat in a wide variety of other snow melting applications. The systems are easy to customize, and can be designed and installed for just about any need your customer may have.

Although installing radiant heat in driveways is the most popular residential application, the features of these snow melting systems have made them popular for a dynamic range of other snow melting solutions. Electric radiant heat systems utilize heat cable, which is available in individual lengths off the spool or pre-spaced in mats. The mats are conveniently rolled out across the area to be heated and secured, making installation quick and easy. But given the design flexibility of heat cable installations, systems can be installed to meet virtually any customer needs.

In addition to heated driveway installations, other radiant heat applications include heating outdoor areas for pets or livestock, accessibility ramps, loading docks, outdoor steps, sidewalks, patios, and more. Some ProLine snow melting system installations include heated airport aprons, public transportation areas, large commercial parking ramps and structures, and more. The options for customers are limited only by one’s imagination.

Heated ramp
A radiant heated accessibility ramp.

While the range of applications is unlimited, there are also many options when it comes heating a driveway. ProLine system designers work with their customers to determine the best system for their needs. Heated driveways can be customized to accommodate situations with limited power, customers on a limited budget, or those with special layout needs. Fortunately, driveway heating systems can be tailored to best meet the specific needs of each customer. Some layout options include heating only an 8-foot-wide strip in the middle of the driveway, heating two 24-inch-wide tire tracks, or only heating special areas, such as an incline. Customers have many options when it comes to installing a radiant heat.

Given the benefits of radiant snow melting systems, it’s no wonder that they are increasing in popularity. In addition to being fully automated, the systems are also maintenance free and extremely efficient. In fact, there is virtually no wasted energy associated with a properly installed heated driveway. The systems also eliminate the need for harmful snow melting chemicals or salt.

Heated sidewalk and porch
A residence with a heated driveway, sidewalk, and porch.

Automated snow melting systems consist of three main components: the heat cable, a snow sensor (activation device), and controller/contactor panel. Depending on the system, and the customer’s preference, the snow sensor can be either a pavement-mounted device, or an aerial-mounted unit. (Most driveway heating systems utilize the aerial-mount sensor.) This advanced activation device detects temperature and precipitation. When precipitation is detected, and the temperature is below the adjustable setpoint (typically set at 38- or 39-degrees Fahrenheit), the sensor will send a signal to the system controller. Power is then sent to the embedded heat cable, warming the driveway to prevent the buildup of snow.

A safety feature, called the “afterrun” function allows the snow melting system to remain on for a short time after the storm. This allows the heated concrete, asphalt, or pavers to dry. Eliminating any surface water prevents thin sheets of “invisible” ice from forming. The systems also include a manual override function, so the systems can be activated to deal with snowdrifts, or to heat areas where runoff from other areas has created patches of ice.

Radiant heat is also used for roof and gutter de-icing. Keeping roof eaves and gutters clear of snow and ice enhances pedestrian traffic below. When roof ice begins to melt, sometimes large slabs of ice can tumble to the sidewalk below and strike those walking along the sidewalk. Water that trickles down from icicles to the sidewalk can refreeze, creating patches of “black” ice, which can result in slip-and-fall accidents. Needless to say, this scenario is a nightmare for business owners.

ProLine also offers interior radiant heat. A variety of floor heating systems is available, with each providing advantages for heating specific types of flooring. A wide range of technologies is available.

For more information about wholesale snow melting, roof de-icing, and floor heating products check out ProLine’s website, or call a friendly professional today at 866-676-9276.

Expanding my Business

Backed by Professionals

Being in the construction business, I’ve learned that in my line of work, it’s either feast or famine. Sometimes I can barely keep up with demand. Other times, well . . . let’s just say that when business is slow, the more extensive my honey-do list at home is. Funny how it always balances out that way.

A few years ago, when I first read something ProLine Radiant had published about contractors adding revenue by offering radiant heat installations, I barely skimmed over the content. But knowing how temperamental the building industry is, I figured, what the heck, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little more about this. I revisited the website and read more. It all sounded so easy – almost too easy.

Certainly, I loved the idea of “beefing up my bottom line”, but I was skeptical about taking on a service that I knew so little about. But I persevered. When a customer asked about adding a heated driveway to his dream home, I nervously blurted, “Sure, I can do that.” But later that night I didn’t get much sleep. I didn’t know all the details about a installing a radiant heated driveway. Would it be a hassle? Would it really be worth my time?

I contacted ProLine and quickly began feeling better about my decision to take on the project. ProLine isn’t your typical wholesale provider. While they only provide the materials through a local electrical wholesaler, I was thrilled with the pricing; and their customer service blew me away. I didn’t just receive discounted driveway heating components, I received system design and support services that were second to none. I’d read about their “industry-leading” customer services, but let’s face it, everybody brags about their service, but few actually provide the service they brag about.

Technical support image
ProLine radiant heat professionals are on hand to assist contractors during the installation process.

Despite being a wholesale provider, ProLine reached out to me and provided FREE installation training. I was able to take the training at home, on my computer via video conference. My instructor was nothing short of outstanding. He took time going over every aspect of my custom installation and answered all my questions. After I completed the training, he gave me his number and insisted that I call if I encountered any unforeseen issues during the installation, or had any other concerns. He was absolutely genuine, and I felt like I had an expert insider whom I could contact at any moment if I had any questions. Having access to that expertise gave me a great deal of confidence to move forward with the installation.

Another service that ProLine offered was their system design. ProLine created a detailed design and layout of the system. This AutoCAD® not only showed the exact layout of the heat cable and other system components, but it contained all the electrical information for my electrician. It was a foolproof document that laid everything out for me. It not only showed the layout of the system, but included information such as the materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc. ProLine took care of all the legwork behind the installation. Much to my relief, I didn’t have to be a radiant heat expert. I had access to the best experts in the industry. It felt like the whole installation was a team effort, and ProLine took care of all the heated driveway details, which freed me up to focus on the things that I do best.

I’d read about the benefits that contractors could enjoy by adding radiant heat installation to their services, but I honestly didn’t think it would be this easy. For years I avoided “the hassle” of adding radiant heat installations to my list of services. Heck, years ago I even turned down a job because I felt unqualified, and a bit intimidated, to install a heated floor. Oh, if only I’d known.

Now I know that installing a radiant heat system can still be intimidating for first time installers, but I discovered that it all depends on who is providing you with that system. I suppose one could run down to Home Depot and grab some heat cable, and then offer customers a radiant heat installation, but I’m in business for the long haul, so I want to do things right. I’m going to stick with experts who I know have my back. I like knowing that there’s a deep well of expertise that I can draw from if I need. Sure, I love the discount pricing, but most important to me is being able to tap into ProLine’s experience. I have a team of radiant heat professionals that I can rely on. Ultimately, this benefits my customers and my business. I get the jobs done quickly, and I get them done right. As any other professional in my line of work will attest, there is no better way to ensure a successful future than by amassing a growing list of satisfied customers.

Working with ProLine has proven to be a smart business decision for me. I like telling customers, “Sure, I can do that,” rather than turning down work. I may not get as many days off as I used to, but that’s okay. The chores at home can wait. Plus, I always have retirement that I can look forward to.

For more information about wholesale floor heating, snow melting, and roof de-icing products check out ProLine’s website. If you’re ready to explore the options and learn how you can expand your business, contact a ProLine professional today at 866-676-9276.