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Industry Leading Radiant Heat Solutions

Technology continues to change our world on a daily basis. Some new technologies are being fine tuned to accommodate our needs while others have already established themselves as winners that have won their way into our daily lives. One such refined technology that continues to be adopted across the globe is radiant heat.

Radiant floor heating systems offer the most efficient means for heating homes today. Another popular application for radiant heat is for exterior snow melting applications. Heated driveways and roof de-icing systems are becoming commonplace now.

Installing radiant heat cable in mats
Laying out the heating cable (mats) for a heated driveway installation.

Snow Melting Systems

Maintenance Free and Fully Automated

The advanced technology and components of radiant heat make it a popular addition to new home construction projects. Radiant heated driveways are fully automated, maintenance free, versatile, and reliable. And homeowners have a variety of custom options that are available.

ProLine’s electric driveway heating systems are easily tailored to meet your customers’ specific requirements. Whether you’re faced with unique layout issues or your customer’s budget constraints, ProLine can make radiant heat a reality by working with you to custom design the system that best meets the project demands. Some typical heated driveway installations include the following configurations:

Heat the entire driveway –  Sometimes there is nothing quite like having the entire driveway surface clear and dry after a snowstorm.

Heat two tire tracks – One option to save homeowners some installation costs as well as operational costs is to design and install two 24-inch wide heated tracks. This is an especially popular solution for homeowners with long driveways and / or limited available power.

Heat an 8-foot wide strip in the middle of the driveway – Another more affordable option is to only heat the middle area, typically an 8-foot wide strip up the middle of the driveway.

Heated driveway with four heated tire tracks
Driveways with heated tire tracks.

Heat custom areas – For budget minded customers, heating only small sections of the driveway may be an option. For example, only install radiant heat in the driveway where it inclines, or is always shaded. This is especially convenient for driveways that descend to a busy road.

ProLine Radiant – Created for Professional Builders

ProLine Radiant was created to provide professional builders with affordable, premium quality radiant heat systems, backed by unprecedented customer support services. We understand what it takes for contractors to succeed in the competitive world of construction. ProLine makes the process of installing radiant heat systems easy for contractors. We take care of the legwork and details of the system design so you can focus on what you do best.

Support Services

ProLine Radiant provides FREE installation training. This is an invaluable service for contractors, and not only helps to speed up the installation process, but can help to ensure that the system is installed correctly. The training is available online via web conference, and is typically completed in less than an hour.

Even though installers receive training for their installation, sometimes unforeseen conditions can be present, and installers may have questions. That’s why ProLine has a dedicated staff of support personnel who stand ready to field any calls from installers. We’ll help you in any way we can to resolve the matter at hand.

ProLine also includes detailed system design and layout services. Installers will have the precise layout of the system as well as all of the technical and electrical information, including, the proper layout of the heating element and system components, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc. ProLine layouts serve as the road map for installers and electricians.

The professional system design, training, and support services help to make it easier for contractors to offer radiant heat solutions to their customers. We are committed to standing by our customers, and assisting when and where we can. ProLine systems feature the most proven and trusted products on the market, all backed by dedicated service professionals.

For more details about radiant heated driveways, floor heating systems, roof de-icing solutions, or pipe trace systems, call a friendly radiant heat expert at ProLine today, at 866-676-9276. You won’t find a better partner for your radiant heat installations.

Heating Asphalt Driveways

Heat Cable Designed for Hot Asphalt Applications

Snow-melting systems are a popular product among construction professionals. They provide valuable benefits to customers and help professionals grow their businesses. Radiant snow-melting systems are often used in concrete and paver driveways and walkways, but some commercial and residential customers prefer other paving mediums, like asphalt.

ProLine offers specially designed products like ProLine’s heating cables for asphalt. These specially designed products give ProLine and your business a leg up over competitors. ProLine also provides top-notch customer service and training so that installing a radiant heat system for your customers is simple. No matter which ProLine product you choose, there are a few essential installation tips to ensure each system functions at maximum efficiency.

Perhaps the most important tip is this: Take advantage of ProLine’s free installation training. It is important for installers to be prepared and confident when installing a snow-melting system. A system is only as good as its installation, which is why ProLine offers comprehensive installation training and technical support. Taking advantage of these services can help installation go smoothly and ease the stress of working with new products. Training is delivered online via web conference. Knowledgeable, experienced instructors will cover all aspects of the installation and answer any questions throughout the training.

Installing radiant heat in an asphalt driveway
Installing a heated asphalt driveway.

ProLine’s technical support staff is also available to answer any questions that may come up during installation. ProLine also includes professional system design and a detailed AutoCAD for every project. AutoCAD layouts contain all the information needed for a successful installation. With the precise layout of the heating elements, proper load calculations, number of breakers, and breaker sizes, it is a vital tool for electricians. Installers should refer to it often. Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes and ensure a system operates at peak efficiency using ProLine’s support services.

When you’re confident and ready to begin the installation, the first step is clearing the area of any debris or issues that may impede system function. Once the area is clear and you have checked that all of your components are available and functioning, it’s time to start laying out the cable. There are a few vital rules when working with ProLine’s industry-leading heating cables. First, never cut the actual cable. Cutting the cable will damage the system and prevent proper function. If you have extra cable, you can reduce the spacing slightly, or cut the tape backing and route the cable around the perimeter within the heated area. But remember, the minimum cable spacing is 2-inches. The heating cable cannot touch, cross, or overlap at all. Touching cables can lead to excessive heat and cause burnout. The heating cable also must never pass through an expansion joint. Proper installation also requires that the splice and at least 6-inches of the power lead be embedded in the paved surface.

Once the cable is laid out (and tested) it is time to install the medium on top of the cable. With a medium like asphalt, it’s vital to find a product that can withstand the heat and pressure of a hot asphalt pour. ProLine’s heating cable for asphalt is a state-of-the-art product specially designed to withstand the extreme temperatures required by asphalt applications. Asphalt heating cable is rated at 464 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) for up to 10 minutes.

ProLine’s asphalt heating cable is available in mats or loose coiled in a box. Individual cable is often utilized for small or odd-shaped areas. Mats are the first choice for standard-sized areas, such as heating an entire driveway.  Popular layouts include two 24-inch wide tire tracks, an 8-foot strip in the middle of a driveway, or installing the cable is specific “problem” areas. Driveway inclines or shaded areas that collect run-off are often overlooked and benefit from a snow-melting system.

As you are shoveling the asphalt, take special care when using tools such as shovels, trowels, or rakes. Be sure to never dig straight into the asphalt with a shovel. This will damage the cable. Skimming the top layer of asphalt carefully will ensure your cable isn’t damaged, and functions appropriately. Finally, all heating cables should be embedded under at least 2-inches of asphalt.

A ProLine snow-melting system is fully-automated. The system’s snow sensor can be aerial or pavement mounted and must be mounted correctly. It may seem obvious, but make sure the sensor is mounted where it will be exposed to the weather. Without a 360-degree view of the sky, it will not detect snow. If snow is not detected, the system will not be triggered or will experience a delay.

Retrofitting an existing asphalt driveway is as easy as a new construction installation. ProLine heating cable for asphalt is simply laid out on the existing driveway and a new layer of asphalt is then applied. Retrofitting is also available for other mediums, including concrete. For more details, contact a ProLine radiant heat expert.

Installing a snow-melting system under asphalt or any other medium doesn’t have to be a concern for your business. Working with ProLine means you’ll receive superior products and outstanding customer service that keeps you and your customers happy. If you’re ready to utilize ProLine’s advanced products for your business, reach out to a customer service specialist today at 866-676-9276.

Homeowners and Contractors are Discovering the Benefits of Radiant Heat

One of the most notable recent trends in the construction business is the surging popularity of radiant heat system installations. With today’s social conscience focused on clean, renewable energy and efficiency, this trend should come as no surprise. Growing numbers of new home and business owners are not only turning to radiant heat for their interior heating needs, but for snow and ice melting as well. The potential for expanding one’s business has never been greater. Right now is the time to add radiant heat installation to your list of capabilities.

Offering radiant heat installation may be easier than you may think. ProLine provides free installation training and support, and detailed system design and layout services. All the legwork is taken care of so you can focus on what you do best. Each system design includes the complete layout of all the system components, as well as all of the electrical information for the electrician.

Heated hardwood floor

Up until now, radiant heat has accounted for only a small share of the overall market, but the shift has already started, and builders who have recognized this are increasing their business by adding radiant heated driveways and roof de-icing system installation to their list of capabilities. While the proliferation of exterior radiant heat installation has been undeniable, many contractors have overlooked the opportunities associated with installing radiant heated floors.

Because of the wide variety of flooring options that are available to homeowners, it only follows that there are several different types of floor heating systems. ProLine offers a range of proven, top-quality floor heating systems. ProLine’s floor heating cable and mat system is one of the most popular options available. This floor heating system features thin heat cable on spools as well as pre-spaced in mats. ProLine’s floor heating cable is the best choice for heating tile, stone and luxury vinyl tile floors. The system can also be used in conjunction with the Prodeso membrane system. The Prodeso membrane is safe under all conditions, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. It also provides waterproofing for the substrate in the case of overlaying on cracked or imperfectly cured floors with a risk of vapor stress.

Another popular floor heating system from ProLine utilizes a near-paper-thin “film” heating panel. Designed to heat all types of floating floors, the 0.16-inch thick heating element efficiently warms floors without causing any floor buildup. The heating element is rolled out over the underlayment, and the floating floor covering is installed over the film. No alarms, no special tools, and no self-leveling compounds are needed. This system is also very versatile, and can be used to heat a wide range of floor types.

Heated hardwood floor with cutaway
Heated hardwood floor with cutaway showing the thin “film” heating element.

In-slab heating cable is also available from ProLine. This rugged heat cable in designed to be installed directly in concrete slabs, making the system ideal for heating basement floors. This is a highly efficient and affordable solution for taking the winter chill out of entire basements or individual rooms.

ProLine Radiant carries a variety of floor heating systems so that you can accommodate your customers’ home heating requests. In addition to providing industry-leading floor heating systems, ProLine also offers contractors the best support in the business. These services include free installation training, installation support, and comprehensive system design and layout services.

ProLine’s installation training can be conveniently completed online via web conference. The instructor covers all aspects of the installation, and students can talk with their instructor and ask questions any time. Typically, the courses are completed in less than an hour.

ProLine provides detailed system design and layouts as well. These professional AutoCAD® drawings not only include the layout of the heating elements and other system components, but include all of the information necessary for your electrician. This includes the proper materials and load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc.

ProLine strives to make radiant heat installations as easy as possible for professional builders. We’ll do what we do best so that you can do what you do best. Out dedicated support staff is happy to field your calls and address any questions you may have before, during, and after the installation. Help your customers find the ideal floor heating system for their new home or business. ProLine will stand with you throughout the process, and support you with the industry’s most trusted radiant heat solutions. For more details, or information about our snow melting and roof de-icing solutions, please call 866-676-9276 today.

The Advantages of Spring Installations

Spring is the perfect time to give any business a much-needed boost after long, slow winters. Radiant heat is the perfect offering to help customers prepare for the coming winter while beating the summer rush. All contractors know that summer will be busy, and it can be tough to schedule customers exactly when they want. ProLine is here to help make spring a successful and busy season with a lineup of radiant heat products that are beneficial all year round. From radiant heated floors and driveways to roof de-icing and pipe trace systems, ProLine has whatever you need to increase your business this spring.

While a snow melting system may not be the first thing you think of when spring is beginning to bloom, installing one of these systems can help customers prepare for the upcoming winter. Snow melting systems are very versatile and can be installed under almost any medium. Concrete, pavers, or even asphalt can remain clear of hazardous snow and ice with a snow melting system from ProLine. These systems are commonly installed in residential and commercial settings. Radiant heat can be installed in driveways, sidewalks, steps, or even loading docks, and ramps.

ProLine’s snow melting systems are rugged, easy to customize, maintenance-free, and easy to install. The systems are also fully automated, and efficiently operate only when needed. Home and business owners will no longer have to worry about liability issues or shoveling snow when big storms hit.

Heated paver driveway

Preparing for winter also means protecting the often overlooked roof. Businesses can offer customers self-regulating heat trace cable from ProLine for heating gutters, downspouts, and roof edges. This durable, versatile cable can prevent snow and ice buildup, and help to protect structures from ice dams and heavy ice damage. Ice dams can cause leakage, which can even lead to mold and mildew inside the home. Informing customers about these hazards this spring can help prevent costly home damage later in the year. Heat trace cable is also great for commercial or industrial customers looking to keep pipes safe during the cold winter.

Perhaps the most popular roof de-icing solution is ProLine’s low-voltage STEP system. This roof heating system features thin, self-regulating polymer heating panels. The panels are easily installed under shingles, and even metal roofs. They can be nailed or stapled through on-site. For custom solutions, ProLine roof de-icing products can be combined to create the ideal system for each of your customer’s needs.

Another option for early spring installation is a floor heating system. ProLine offers a vast selection of radiant floor heating systems. Heated floors provide the most energy efficient technology today. Radiant heating systems are an amenity that can be utilized all year. Whether it’s getting cozy from an icy winter storm or adding a little warmth on a cool spring morning, heated floors provide comfort all year round. Floor heating systems offer an ideal solution for heating basements, where it always seems to be just a bit cooler.

Radiant floor heating systems offer several benefits. Allergens and pollens run high this time of year, causing discomfort and health issues. Radiant heat systems don’t blow dust and allergens from the vents throughout the home like traditional forced-air systems. This can be especially helpful for children and the elderly, and customers who struggle with respiratory issues.

ProLine offers a vast selection of floor heating systems to fit any need or budget. One of the most popular products on the market is ProLine’s radiant floor heating cable. This versatile cable is available in spools and mats. It also comes with a 25-year warranty and is approved for wet locations. Mats are easy to layout, and spooled cable is often the best choice for oddly shaped or small areas, like bathrooms. ProLine has options available for almost any type of flooring. This includes products that can be installed under the existing flooring. Whatever your radiant heat needs may be, ProLine is here for you.

Take advantage of the spring season and grow your business by offering radiant heat solutions. Not only will you have more time for your customers than during the busy summer season, you may also be eligible to receive early-season discounts from ProLine. Choosing ProLine for your business also means taking advantage of the top-notch customer service that comes with every product. Free installation training is provided via video conference to ensure you are ready for each project, and professional designers will custom design every system. Help from a ProLine specialist is also available throughout the installation to make sure you are comfortable and that every project goes off without a hitch. Our goal is to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully complete the installation. Distinguish yourself from the competition this spring by choosing ProLine Radiant. If you’re ready to spring your business forward with ProLine, call and speak with a radiant heat expert today at 866-676-9276.

ProLine – A Friend of Professional Builders

Managing a construction business can be difficult and time consuming. Finding quality products coupled with great customer service can be a game-changer for large and small business owners. ProLine Radiant offers all the radiant heat solutions that contractors need. With competitive wholesale pricing, proven products, a wide selection of offerings, and premier customer support services, it’s easy to see why ProLine is a radiant heat industry leader.

Radiant heat is versatile, effective, and efficient, making it a sought-after solution that customers love. Contractors can rest assured that working with ProLine Radiant will decrease their stress and increase their bottom line. Offering radiant heat products and services gives contractors the competitive edge needed to take their business to the next level, and ProLine is there with unmatched customer support services every step of the way.

Electric radiant floor heating systems offer maintenance free operation, superior efficiency and comfort, and easy installation. These features make heated floor installations a good option for contractors working in new residential areas or remodeling. ProLine’s proven floor heating products are state-of-the-art. ProLine TileHeat radiant heat cable can be installed under almost any type of flooring. This includes laminate, slate, marble, and even hardwoods. ProLine’s floor heating products also include industry-leading warranties to ease contractors’ and customers’ worries. ProLine’s other floor heating products range from the uncoupling, waterproofing Prodeso membrane (for indoor or outdoor areas) to advanced FilmHeat and FoilHeat floor heating systems. FoilHeat is an easy roll-out mat with a heating element between two layers of specially reinforced aluminum foil. Like TileHeat, FoilHeat is a practical, flexible heating choice for a variety of residential flooring applications. FilmHeat is an ideal solution for heating under floating floors, and requires no mortar or thinset. ProLine also offers hydronic radiant heat systems.

Asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks
Heated tire track snow melting system.

ProLine is a market leader when it comes to outdoor heating solutions. In residential and commercial situations, keeping roofs and driveways clear of ice and snow is key. Automated ice and snow removal means avoiding back-breaking snow shoveling, as well as avoiding the liability that comes with falling icicles or slick walkways.

Self-regulating heat trace cable from ProLine is an affordable, easy-to-install solution for roof de-icing. Heat roof edges or gutters and downspouts, or only heat problem areas that can cause serious roof damage. Self-regulating heat trace cable is easy to install and customize. With ProLine, all customers receive in-depth customer services that include custom system design by an expert. Design services are invaluable to contractors and customers. Professionals from ProLine make sure that each system meets the performance needs and budget of each customer. These detailed layouts include all of the components and electrical information for installers and electricians. ProLine is committed to making the installation of radiant heat as easy as possible for contractors.

Custom designs are essential for top-performing snow-melting systems. Residential and commercial customers can benefit from clear, safe walkways and driveways. ProLine offers radiant snow-melting systems for any situation with heat cable that is available on spools or mats. Spools are a more versatile option and are perfect for problem areas or odd-shaped areas. ProLines electric snow melting g systems are also great for retrofitting asphalt or concrete driveways. A ProLine specialist will work closely with contractors to help determine what the best radiant heat solution is for every customer and situation. 

ProLine also offers industry-leading self-regulating pipe tracing heat cable. Sub-freezing temperatures can lead to broken pipes during the winter months. The damage caused by broken pipes can drastically affect productivity and revenue. ProLine’s self-regulating pipe tracing heat cable is a low-cost, highly effective way to avoid costly, time-consuming pipe damage. It can be used on flanges, pipes, valves, or even small plastic or metal pipes and instrument tubing. Using pipe tracing heat cable will ensure that all fluids continue to flow through any piping, no matter the temperature. ProLine’s top-performing pipe tracing cable is rugged and durable, and safe for hazardous and corrosive environments.

ProLine is truly a full-service company. A vast selection of quality products at wholesale prices, combined with the best customer support service in the industry set ProLine apart from competitors. Other wholesale suppliers cannot match the comprehensive service that comes with working with ProLine. ProLine understands that time is valuable to contractors and focuses on assuring that all the legwork is done.

Professional custom designs include the exact layout of each system with the precise location of the heating elements and other system components, as well as all the electrical information, including number of breakers, their sizes, load calculations, etc.

To help ensure that every installation is successful, ProLine offers free installation training to installers. This training can be attended online via video conference, or in-person, and the training typically takes no more than an hour. Every aspect of the installation is covered by a knowledgeable instructor, and installers can stop at any time to review or ask questions. Training like this gives installers the confidence and skills they need to complete the installation quickly, easily, and successfully. Installation support is also available anytime during installation if need be.

ProLine’s long history with builders has helped to establish a comprehensive customer service platform that makes adding radiant heat to your business easy. Combined with the vast state-of-the-art product offerings and wholesale prices, ProLine is a great partner for contractors who want to accommodate all of their customers’ needs. For more information about Proline’s products and services, call and talk to an expert today at 866-676-9276.

Make Radiant Heat Installations Easy

Winter can pose some unique challenges for home and business owners. For businesses, the weather can often impact the bottom line, and is especially impactful to retail storefronts that are dependent on customers visiting their facilities. Keeping businesses that are reliant on physical foot traffic safe and inviting isn’t always easy during the snow season.

While many businesses continue to rely on snow removal services, or tasking employees to clear sidewalks and parking areas of snow, more and more business owners are turning to reliable radiant heat systems to keep winters profitable.

Radiant snow melting systems are fully automated, so when a storm hits, the system activates to prevent the buildup of snow and ice. After the storm, the system remains on for a short time to dry the surface to eliminate surface water from refreezing into thin sheets of “black” ice. These electric systems are also maintenance free, so once the system is installed, business owners can focus on what they do best – without having to worry if the plowing service is on time or their employees are salting and keeping the walks clear throughout the day.

Heating cable installed for heated paver driveway
ProLine snow melting systems can be installed under pavers, or in concrete or asphalt.

As the demand for radiant heat increases, installers are looking for providers that go the extra mile. In addition to offering top quality products and affordable pricing, contractors want to work with professionals that make their installations as seamless and easy as possible.

For many, ProLine Radiant has become the provider of choice – for both residential and commercial radiant heat installations. Why are so many professional builders turning to ProLine for their snow melting, roof de-icing, and floor heating needs? The reasons are simple: ProLine backs up their “best-in-class” products with industry-leading customer support services.

Unlike other wholesale providers, ProLine includes the most comprehensive customer support services in the industry. These services include free installation training, technical support, and custom system design. These valuable services help to allow contractors to focus on what they do best, while ProLine does much of the legwork to ensure a successful radiant heat installation.

Each ProLine radiant heat system is custom designed according to ASHRAE standards. ProLine’s professional design staff works closely with the customer, the electrician, and installers to design a custom system to best meet each project’s specific demands. The design team creates a detailed CAD drawing that includes the proper layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc. The installer will know all the details and layout of the system prior to one foot of heat cable being installed.

In addition to the detailed custom layout of each system, ProLine also provides free installation training for installers. This important service helps to ensure that there are no surprises during the installation, and gives installers the confidence they need to properly install the system in a timely manner. The courses can be completed online via web conference, and the trainee can stop and ask the instructor questions at any time. The installation training is often referred to as the most valued service by construction professionals.

Despite the thorough training, installers still may encounter an unforeseen issue during the installation. If so, ProLine experts are available to call and talk with. We’re happy to assist with any questions during the installation.

If you have customers who are considering radiant heat to warm their homes, keep driveways and walks clear of snow and ice, or to prevent roof ice dams, make it easy on yourself and contact a friendly ProLine representative. (Existing driveways can also be retrofitted with radiant heat.)

We strive to make radiant heat installations as easy as possible for professional builders. Our customer services are second to none, so we’ll take care of the legwork so you’re free to do what you do best. Contact a radiant heat professional today to learn more about ProLine’s wholesale prices, free training, technical support or design services. Call today at 866-676-9276.

We’ll do the Legwork so You can do What you do Best

Our Goal is to make Radiant Heat Installations Simple for Contractors

What does it take to install radiant heat? Are the installations complicated? Do I have to design the system? And is it really that advantageous to offer radiant heat installations for my customers? What are the benefits of providing radiant heat installation services?

Professional builders have expanded their businesses by adding radiant heat installation to their list of services. Instead of turning down jobs to install a heated concrete, asphalt or paver driveway, contractors can accommodate their customers’ needs by including radiant heat installations. This ultimately benefits the customer as well as the installer.

Installing a ProLine radiant snow melting system is not difficult. To help ensure a seamless installation, ProLine offers free installation training. Installers can attend the training in person or online via web conference. The training course is typically completed in less than an hour. The instructor covers every aspect of the installation, and installers can stop at any time to review or ask questions. This training helps to give installers the expertise and confidence they need to install the system quickly, easily, and successfully.

Radiant heat installation support
ProLine also provides real time installation support services.

In addition to the installation process being relatively simple, ProLine experts also provide a complete design of the system. The system layout shows the precise location of the heating elements and system components. It also includes all of the electrical information, such as the proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, etc.

Other wholesale suppliers may also offer discounted products, but ProLine stands above the rest in terms of quality and service. Unlike the competition, ProLine includes free installation training, comprehensive system design, and installation support.

Builders Benefit from Working with ProLine

ProLine has a long history of working with professional builders, and that experience pays off for professional builders. By offering radiant heat installation, contractors can attract new business. Offering the complete solution benefits the customer and the professional builder. Not only can you install your customer’s driveway, you can also include the radiant heat installation, so you’ll be gaining new business – and you won’t have to turn down future jobs.

Cambridge paver heated driveway.
A radiant snow melting system installed for a heated paver driveway.

ProLine makes the process of installing radiant snow melting systems, heated floors, and roof de-icing solutions easy. We understand the demands on your time, so our services are focused on taking care of all the legwork to make installing radiant heat as easy as possible for you. We’ll take care of the design, provide the training for your installers beforehand, and extend installation support should you need during the installation. We want to make the process as easy and successful as possible for you.

ProLine also has two large warehouses filled with inventory, so builders are likely to get the products they need, when they need. In today’s climate of shortages and delayed deliveries, dealing with a provider that carries an abundance of inventory can make all the difference between a successful business and frustrated customers. Combine the support services and inventory with ProLine’s wholesale discounts, and you’ve got a trusted partner you can rely on for all of your radiant heat installations. For more information about ProLine’s radiant heat products and services, call a friendly ProLine representative today at 866-676-9276.

ProLine Opens New Office and Warehouse Facility

ProLine Expansion Continues with the Opening of a Second Distribution and Sales Facility

ProLine Radiant recently announced the opening of a second distribution and sales facility. Located just 35 miles south of the Salt Lake location, the Springville, Utah facility not only provides more office space, but offers significantly greater warehouse capabilities to better accommodate ProLine’s steady growth.

“We’re excited for the addition of this location,” stated Doug Woodruff, ProLine’s national sales manager. “This building gives us the best of both worlds by optimizing our office and warehouse spaces, and allows us to enhance our efficiency when it comes to serving our customers’ needs.”

In spite of the pandemic and post pandemic challenges facing businesses today, ProLine has continued to expand its customer base, necessitating the addition of a larger building. The new facility allows ProLine to significantly increase the amount of inventory it maintains, which ultimately better accommodates the needs of its customers.

“Certainly the quality of our products, combined with our low wholesale pricing, has contributed to our steady growth,” Woodruff reflected, “but our dedication to providing customers with the best support services in the industry has also proven to be instrumental. For businesses to enjoy long term success, offering great products and pricing aren’t enough in today’s competitive economic climate. You need to back those products with superior customer services. Providing top-tier products with unmatched customer service is something we’ll continue to do, and moving to this new building will facilitate that.”

Unlike other wholesale suppliers, ProLine includes free installation training, technical support, and professional system design services. Each system is carefully designed to meet the specific performance demands and budget of the customer.

“Professional builders know that when they choose ProLine products, they’ll receive the best support in the industry,” Woodruff added. “We want to make it easy for our customers, so we stand ready to assist them anytime throughout the purchase and installation process. Being in this new building gives us even greater capabilities now, which translates to greater benefits for our customers.”

ProLine Radiant heat systems include commercial and residential snow melting systems, roof de-icing solutions, floor heating systems, and pipe trace systems. Every project is carefully evaluated by ProLine’s radiant heat experts and then designed according to ASHRAE standards to provide the most effective and efficient system for the customer. For more information about ProLine Radiant products and services, call a friendly radiant heat expert at 866-676-9276, or visit today.

Anticipate Your Customers’ Questions

ProLine supports contractors and the demands that come with running a profitable business. Trying to enhance and expand offerings during the winter season can be a tricky task, but ProLine may be able to help. Snow melting systems are wise investments for home and business owners. Knowing that driveways, walkways, or high-traffic areas will be cleared of snow each morning after a storm provides peace of mind. ProLine offers peace of mind for builders with advanced products and high-quality services to ensure that each system installation goes off without a hitch. ProLine knows that anticipating your customers’ questions is important. Having answers to customer questions assuages fears while providing top-notch service. Here are a few commonly asked questions contractors may encounter when working with homeowners.

How do heated driveways work?

Heated driveways are fully automated and efficiently provide heat by activating only when weather conditions warrant. When an activation device (pavement-mounted snow sensor or aerial-mount sensor) detects precipitation and the temperature is below the set point, it will signal the system controller. The controller then sends power to the radiant heat cable, and the driveway will begin to heat. The heated area will prevent snow from accumulating. After the storm, the system remains on for a short time to dry the area, thus preventing slick black ice from forming.

What are my options? 

The options are endless when designing the layout of a ProLine snow melting system. ProLine offers multiple trusted radiant snow melting solutions. Customization is easy for homeowners with options to combine products to suit any need. ProLine’s rugged heating cable is one of the most versatile products on the market. ProLine’s snow melting cable can handle heating any medium, from pavers to concrete and even hot asphalt. With individual system configuration, a snow melting system is available for any area, no matter the shape or size. Heating porches, steps, walkways, or driveways is simple and easy. If the budget is limited, heating specific areas is also a popular option. Heating an 8-10 foot strip in the middle of a driveway, tire tracks, high traffic areas, inclines, or even a strip in the middle of a sidewalk are great ways to utilize radiant heat. Businesses can heat storefront walkways, loading docks, or ramps to keep workers safe during winter storms. ProLine’s flexible products and professional designers allow any customer to enjoy the benefits of radiant heat.

What are the power requirements? 

For most snow melting systems, one 30-amp breaker provides enough power to heat a 170 square-foot area. That means to heat a 350 square-foot driveway, two 30-amp breakers, or one 60-amp breaker will be needed. Most homes have either a 100-amp or 200-amp breaker panel, which should be sufficient. ProLine always recommends having a qualified electrician check to make sure the home has insufficient power. To ensure the system’s warranty remains valid, a qualified electrician must also wire the snow melting system.

Installing radiant heat cable in mats
Laying out the heating cable (mats) for a heated driveway installation.

For homes with limited power, ProLine design professionals can use a technique called zoning. Zoning divides the heated area into separate zones. Available power is optimized by heating each zone individually. ProLine also offers an industry-leading sequencer that “bounces” power from zone to zone instead of heating zones one after another. This technique allows a larger area to be heated almost simultaneously with only a slight increase in melting time.

Is installation difficult? 

Snow melting systems are not difficult to install – especially with ProLine Radiant’s superior customer support services. Proper installation of all components is stress-free with ProLine’s free installation training and installation support. Experts are available to help at any point during the process. However, there are a few basic guidelines to follow for every installation.

  1. Never cut or alter the heating element. While the mat backing can be cut to make turns, never cut the actual heating cable. Utilize extra cable by adjusting spacing (minimum spacing is 2-inches) or routing cable around the perimeter within the heated area. (Always maintain proper cable spacing.)
  2. Heat cables should never touch. Touching cables will cause burnout due to excessive heat. (Minimum cable spacing is 2-inches.)
  3. Cable or mats should never cross or pass through an expansion joint. Heat cable must be ¾ to 1-inch from the bottom of the control joint.
  4. Be extra cautious when working around the heating cable. Tools such as rakes, trowels, or shovels can damage the cable’s outer jacket. While the cable is durable, excessive walking on the cable should be avoided when possible.
  5. When working with concrete, attach the cable to remesh with zip-ties or cable strapping. This step prevents the cable from being pushed down by the weight of the concrete pour.

What are the operating costs? 

ProLine’s snow melting systems are designed specifically for the average temperature and snowfall of their location (according to ASHRAE standards). This assures optimum performance and cost efficiency. If a customer is looking for an approximation of the operating costs, use this formula.

  1. Determine the square footage of the area to be heated.
  2. Multiply the square footage by the heat required (usually 31 watts per square-foot for residential areas). This number is total watts per square-foot.
  3. Divide this number by 1,000 to convert to kilowatts.
  4. Look up the kilowatt-per-hour rate from the local utility company.
  5. Multiply the kilowatts-per-square-foot number by the kilowatts-per-hour rate from the utility company. This number will be the approximate cost.

Keep in mind that snow melting system operating costs during a storm are typically lower than those associated with hiring a professional snow removal service. Snow melting systems can also extend the life of driveways by avoiding abrasive snow removal and chemicals. No chemicals also mean snow melting systems are environmentally friendly.

What support does ProLine Offer?

Unmatched customer support separates ProLine from competitors and ensures every system meets the need of any customer. Professional design services include a comprehensive AutoCAD® with layout, power requirements, performance expectations, and all information needed before installation. Installation training is also available online via video conference or in person. Instructors are professionals who will work closely with you to make sure all your questions get answered. You will feel confident and have all the knowledge needed for your specific installation. ProLine’s combination of high-quality products and superior customer service make it the easy choice for any contractor.

If you have questions about snow melting systems for your business, speak with a ProLine professional today at 866-676-9276.

The Best Roof De-icing Systems

Finding unique, effective solutions for hazardous winter problems can be tough for contractors. From falling icicles and frost erosion to heavy snow and ice damaging property, home and business owners can be inundated with problems throughout the winter. One of the more costly concerns that many home and business owners may overlook is the ice dam.

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms along roof eaves. These dams form when heat that has escaped from the home into the attic melts snow on the roof. The bottom layer melts, and runoff trickles down the roof where it reaches the colder eaves and refreezes. Over time more runoff reaches the dam. The water pools behind the ice ridge where it can seep into tiny cracks or imperfections in the roof. When the water refreezes at night, the expanding ice can eventually damage the shingles and roof. Over time, water may find its way into the house, leading to additional costly problems, such as mold and mildew inside the home.

Roof with heated valley and edges
A roof with heated valleys and edges.

For contractors looking to offer safety and value to their customers, roof de-icing is an invaluable option. Roof de-icing systems can prevent snow and ice from forming on problem spots on the roof, as well as facilitate runoff by protecting gutters and downspouts.

At ProLine Radiant, there are multiple industry-leading options available for clients. The most often recommended is the top-of-the-line  ProLine RoofHeat STEP low-voltage roof de-icing system. This uniquely constructed system consists of a thin (3/64 inch), semi-conductive polymer heating element that is sold in easy to work with rolls, available in widths of in 3, 6, 9, or 12 inches. The elements can be cut on site and nailed or staple through, making installation quick and easy for any size project.

Low-voltage heating element

ProLine’s lightweight (.23 lbs per foot) low-voltage heating element is polypropylene fused so that it is protected from water, alkaline, and salt damage, and can be installed discreetly under various types of roof shingles as well as metal roofs. The low-voltage heating element is also self-regulating, so when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases. This prevents the element from overheating and ensures energy-efficient operation. Each transformer powers a specific section of the roof, and “steps down” high-voltage to low-voltage (60 volts or less), and monitors the power output to the heating element, assuring optimal performance.

ProLine recommends the STEP Touch thermostat as the activation device for the low-voltage system. This advanced thermostat is designed with a user friendly interface, and is compatible with smart home systems. It also stores all settings in a permanent memory for instant recovery in the event of a power failure. The roof de-icing system can be easily customized to meet the customer’s specific roof heating needs.  ProLine’s roof de-icing experts evaluate each project and recommend the appropriate components and system configuration for every customer.

The versatile low-voltage de-icing system can be installed under shake and asphalt shingles, and is even safe for heating metal roofing. Installing the heating panels along roof eaves is the ideal way to prevent ice dams, but the system can also be used to heat roof valleys and problem areas. The 3-inch heating element can be installed in downspouts and gutters to prevent heavy, potentially damaging ice buildup. The low-voltage system can even be installed to heat entire sections of roofing if necessary.

ProLine system designers are experts at evaluating and design systems for maximum efficiency. The systems can be tailored to different areas on a roof to eliminate potential problems where water damage may occur. Roof de-icing can also enhance safety for pedestrian traffic by eliminating dripping icicles. This is especially crucial for businesses looking to ensure their customers’ safety by eliminating falling snow and icicles to keep sidewalks, parking areas, and shipping docks free of ice.

ProLine’s low-voltage de-icing system is the do-it-all product that any contractor or business needs to make sure customers are prepared for winter. Along with durable construction and proven performance, the system is ETL (NTRL) listed and has a 10 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Another excellent option for those looking to heat downspouts or gutters is ProLine’s self-regulating heat cable. This cable is durable, extremely effective, and provides an affordable option for specific de-icing needs. The heat cable features an irradiated conductive core that will increase the heat output as the temperature drops. The cable’s exterior is rugged, and features a flexible UV-stabilized thermoplastic elastomer overjacket that will protect the core from water and sun exposure. ProLine’s cable is UL recognized and meets the requirements for NEC section 426. It is available in 110-120 V or 208-277 V, and comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects. It can be activated manually or automatically by an aerial-mount sensor. The sensor detects the temperature and precipitation and activates the system when necessary, allowing for customer comfort, knowing the system will be energy efficient.

Self-regulating roof heating cable

ProLine’s heat cable is a more cost effective option, making it ideal for those on a budget, and can be used to prevent ice dams with installation along the roof eaves in a zigzag pattern using roof clips. When installing it is important that the height of the installed cables extends across the entire area of the eave overhang , and to allow an extra 5 inches for roofs with gutters and an extra 2 inches for roofs without gutters. This configuration will create runoff channels that prevent the ice dams from forming. Routing cable through gutters and downspouts is also an affordable way to prevent damage from the weight of falling snow and heavy ice, and help ensure proper drainage. For those in industrial or similar businesses, ProLine’s heat cable is also the preferred choice for pipe tracing, and comes in a variety of specifications for hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

For even more convenience, ProLine’s de-icing systems can be combined to creat a completely custom solution for any customer. ProLine design experts are available to help determine which products are best for each project. Each element of every project will be considered. Installation training is also available for installers, and ProLine’s support staff is available to answer any questions during the installation to assure that not only is the best de-icing solution used, but it is installed properly and performing as expected.

If you would like more details about industry-leading roof de-icing systems for your business, reach out to ProLine today at 866-676-9276.