Efficient Snow Melting on Limited Power

Heating Large Areas with Minimal Power

Having clear walkways, driveways or parking areas is one of the most important things for businesses during the winter. Clear driveways and walkways are not only more inviting, but the added safety provided by an automated snow melting system is vital. Of course, there is also the added benefit of not having to pay a snow removal service, or shovel snow at the crack of dawn. A great option for those looking to help their customers avoid back breaking labor and enhance safety is to offer the installation of a ProLine snow melting system. Snow melting systems are versatile and can be installed in any residential or commercial application, even those with limited power.

Heating cable installed for heated paver driveway
Zoning allows homeowners with limited power to heat large driveways and aprons.

When considering a snow melting system, first determine the square footage of the area that needs to be heated. ProLine can even assist you with this if needed. By using a special software program, ProLine professionals can measure the square footage with a satellite view of any property.

The next step is to evaluate the available power at the location. This can be done by checking the main breaker panel. In homes, most panels are equipped with two 100-amp panels, or one 200-amp panel, which can be found on the top of the main breaker box. ProLine always suggests having an electrician measure the amperage to ensure there are no issues prior to starting the installation. If an electrician isn’t readily available, here are some general guidelines to consider. With most residential systems, one 30 amp breaker will heat about 170 square-feet. That means that a 60 amp breaker can heat a 350 square-foot driveway. If, after having the available amperage evaluated, it’s discovered that there is limited power ProLine can use a technique called zoning (or staging). Keep reading to learn how zoning works to help all your customers enjoy the benefits of a snowmelt system.

With ProLine’s new sequencer, zoning is an easy, cost-efficient way to heat multiple areas without exceeding available power. To zone a large snow melting system, ProLine designers divide the area into zones. Power is alternately sent to each zone, “pulsing” from one to another, using the available power to effectively heat a larger area. Unlike old zoning systems whereby only after one zone was cleared would power then be sent to another zone, the newer system is much more efficient – and timely. Old zoning systems also required each zone to have its own snow sensor. However, the new system eliminates the old process by using the available power to efficiently heat several zones – almost simultaneously. Homeowners can also operate the system manually if they wish. ProLine’s zoning systems separate themselves from competitors because they feature “smart” technology.

ProLine’s zoning systems separate themselves form competitors because they feature the new technology of the advanced sequencer. Other systems will cycle through zones regardless of whether the snow has been completely cleared or not. This is because most zoned snowmelt systems are set with timers. These systems will cycle between zones even when the zone is not cleared, and do so until all zones are cleared. With timed cycling, snowmelt times will be much longer, and important areas will not be cleared first. With a ProLine snow melt system, your customers can be sure that priority areas will be completely clear first. ProLine’s “smart” technology also saves power by detecting whether snow is melted prior to engaging the system. So, if the snow in zone 3 is already melted, then the system will not engage. This feature saves customers money by only operating when it is actually needed.

A snowmelt system with zoning.
Zoning allows you to operate a large snow melting system with limited power.

Snowmelt systems from ProLine are a great option for business owners looking to prevent hazardous conditions that can lead to injured employees, customers, and costly litigation. With zoning, even a small business with less amperage can ensure that priority areas such as storefront walkways are cleared and safe for customers. The reliability and performance of an electric snowmelt system is available for any home or business with zoning technology from ProLine.

Snowmelt systems are a great choice for any customer, and save time and money during the winter months. The operating cost of a snow melting system during a storm is usually less than hiring a professional to come and clear snow. Radiant snowmelt systems can also save money by extending the life of driveways and walkways, as they will not be deposed to salt or snow melting chemicals that can damage and degrade them.

If you’re ready to see how ProLine snowmelt systems can help increase your business, contact a ProLine professional today at 866-676-9276.