Wholesale Radiant Heat Solutions

ProLine – The Bigtime Wholesale Provider with a “Small Town” Customer Service Mentality

For professional builders, finding the best quality products with the best possible prices is instrumental for their success. But, as any smart businessperson will attest, good business doesn’t only rely on quality products. Premier products need to be backed by equally impressive customer service. When you combine reputable products with top-notch customer service, then you have a winner – a winner you can work with.

With this in mind, ProLine Radiant has set the gold standard for wholesale radiant heat providers. Unlike typical wholesalers, ProLine includes comprehensive support services for the end user. These renowned services include free installation training, technical support for installers, and professional system design and layout.

ProLine’s customer service also includes timely delivery. While wait times continue to plague the construction industry, ProLine has utilized its resources and vast warehouse facilities to manufacture and stock its products. Efforts have been made to have an abundance of ProLine’s most popular products in stock to meet the breakneck demands within the building industry. We understand how crucial it is for contractors to not only meet the supply demands, but also the delivery demands of those supplies.

Asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks

Having comprehensive customer services allows contractors to focus on what they do best. ProLine’s service begins with an expert staff of system design professionals. When working with contractors, installers, and home or business owners, ProLine radiant heat experts make the effort to learn exactly what the customers’ needs and expectations are. Then, a system is custom designed to meet the specific snow melting (or heating) needs of the customer, while keeping within the budget. ProLine designers will produce a detailed layout of the system, which includes all of the layout details as well as all the technical information necessary for the electrician, including the precise layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, system performance expectations, etc. The system layout serves as a vital “road map” for installers to help ensure a quick and proper installation of the system.

After the system is designed, installers can now receive the free installation training provided by ProLine. Installers can take the training via video conference with an instructor who will cover every aspect of the installation. Attendees can stop and ask the instructor questions any time. Installation training courses are usually completed within an hour, but installers can receive the training at whatever pace they are comfortable with.

While the training covers all aspects of the installation, sometimes installers still have questions, or are confronted by unexpected circumstances during the installation. If that’s the case, no problem. Installers can call and speak with one of ProLine’s dedicated support professionals who will gladly answer their question(s) and assist in any way they can. ProLine is dedicated to providing customers with the best service in the industry. Contractors can rest assured that when they work with ProLine, they are working with a trusted partner who will be there every step of the way throughout the installation process.

ProLine also maintains an extensive online library of instructional videos, photos and illustrations, and product documentation. Customers can watch these helpful videos or read technical product guides at their leisure.

If you have any questions, the pros at ProLine are happy to assist you. Call a friendly representative any time at 866-676-9276.