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Running a profitable business is about providing valuable services (and products) that help customers find convenient, helpful ways to improve their life or business. One way for construction professionals to do this is to ensure the upcoming winter season doesn’t catch them off guard. For business owners, winter snow and ice can lead to hazardous conditions that create liability issues and slow the flow of customers. With ProLine wholesale radiant heating products, winter can remain productive and profitable for everyone.

ProLine can help you offer residential and commercial customers innovative solutions to keep their businesses safe and clear this winter. The demand for radiant heat installation increases as the temperature decreases, making it the perfect choice for construction professionals to add to their repertoire.

A good place to start is with radiant heated driveways. Heating driveways is a popular choice for homeowners, and eases the pain and hassle of manual snow removal. ProLine’s versatile electric radiant heat cable can be used under almost any medium, including asphalt, concrete, and pavers. Electric radiant heating cable is rugged and reliable, delivering years of peak performance. The cable is available in individual lengths, as well as pre-spaced in mats that can be rolled out for easy installation.

Cambridge paver heated driveway.
A radiant snow melting system installed for a long heated paver driveway.

Snow melting systems can be customized for virtually any application. Radiant heat is ideal for installation in residential driveways or large commercial applications. Radiant heat can be installed to heat driveways, ramps, parking areas, sidewalks, and even steps. Heated steps are particularly important to keep clear of snow and ice during the winter months. Needless to say, providing safe access to one’s business or home is vital. Keeping steps, walkways, and parking areas clear with Proline radiant heat cable is the surest way to keep customers and employees safe throughout the winter season.

Radiant heating systems can be easily customized to meet one’s budget and snow melting needs. If heating an entire area doesn’t meet your customers’ needs, ProLine’s customer service experts can design a custom solution that best suits their needs. For driveways, check out these great options:

Heat a center strip: Customers who may not want to heat an entire area can simply heat the center strip.  Instead of heating the entire surface area, some homeowners opt to heat an 8-10 feet wide strip. This option is perfect for specific areas that see higher amounts of traffic and makes sense for a lot of homeowners.

Heat two tire tracks: Customers often use theProLine heating mats to heat two 24-inch-wide tire tracks. The heating cable is pre-spaced in the mats, which are conveniently laid out, making installation quick and easy. Heating only two tire tracks also requires less power than a system heating the entire driveway, making this an excellent solution for homeowners on a tight budget.  

Specific areas: Use ProLine’s state-of-the-art mats or cable to heat troublesome areas anywhere around a business or a home. Heat cable can be installed in just about any area. Heating steps, heavily shaded areas, or driveway inclines can be the ideal solution for many.

Heated paver steps
A heated walkway and steps leading to the front door of a residence.

Roof de-icing is another solution to help customers prevent any costly repairs associated with water damage from a leaking roof. ProLine can help prevent heavy ice and snow from destroying roofs and causing property damage. Snow and ice buildup can create ice dams along roof edges. Ice dams prevent roof drainage and cause seepage that can lead to mold and mildew inside. One solution is to install heating cable.

Self-regulating heat cable features an irradiated conductive core with a rugged outer jacket to protect it from water and alkaline damage. The self-regulating heat cable is easily placed along roof edges, eaves, or trouble spots to provide channels for the runoff, and prevent ice dams from forming.

Freezing temperatures can also lead to broken pipes and expensive water damage that can take months to repair. Using pipe trace cable from ProLine can prevent these hazards. Pipe trace cable is the most effective option for any outdoor pipes. Commercial and industrial customers benefit from installing heat trace cable.

While ProLine’s variety of products ensures peak performance, what really sets ProLine apart is its comprehensive customer support services. ProLine is unlike other wholesalers on the market. These services allow contractors to focus on their business. No more worrying about hunting down products you need or wondering if they will get delivered on time. ProLine has resources and vast warehouse facilities that manufacture and house their products. We know that your time is especially valuable in the winter season and work hard to ensure our supply meets demand without frustrating delays.

ProLine’s comprehensive customer service starts with system design professionals. They know the products inside and out and work hard to meet every customer’s needs and expectations. Once the design professional has all the information, they can start on a custom-designed system. Every system comes with a detailed layout of the system, as well as all technical information needed for installation. The information includes materials, system performance expectations, number of breakers, breaker sizes, and proper load calculations. This layout allows installers to quickly and efficiently install any system.

Installation training is also free with ProLine. The training is provided via video conference with an instructor who will cover all aspects of installation and spend time with you to answer any questions. After installation training, installers have access to ProLine’s dedicated support professionals. They are available to help answer questions or help resolve any problems that may arise during the process of installation. An online library of photos and illustrations, product documentation, and instructional videos is also available anytime. No matter what your needs are, ProLine is there from start to finish. That why ProLine is a favorite among building professionals.

If you have questions, call and speak to a professional at ProLine today at 866-676-9276.