Radiant Floor Heating Options

Wholesale Radiant Floor Heating Solutions

Radiant floor heating systems are a great amenity that can offer to enhance your business and attract new clients.Whether you’re installing them in new construction homes, retrofitting old flooring, or offering them to business clients, floor heating is a great way to increase your bottom line. When working with ProLine, the multitude of products available make it easy to please any customer and heat any area.

One of the products most often requested is ProLine’s floor heating cable, TileHeat. ProLine’s floor heating cable is a durable, versatile cable that can be used in many different applications, and in conjunction with other ProLine products. TileHeat cable is a cable you can trust. The UL listed single-point connection, twin-conductor cable is rated at 120 or 240 volts. This durable cable comes on spools that can be used alone for oddly shaped areas, or it can be purchased pre-spaced in mats for quicker installation. These mats come with adhesive on the mesh backing so they can be attached to the subfloor quickly and easily. ProLine’s radiant heating mats heat an area of 24 inches wide, and are very efficient. ProLine’s floor heating cable also comes with an industry leading 25-year warranty, so you can expect your floor heating system to run efficiently for a long time to come.

Heated tile floor

ProLine’s floor heating cable can also be used in conjunction with other great products available at ProLine, like the Prodeso floor membrane. The Prodeso floor membrane is a unique uncoupling, crack isolating and waterproofing system that allows for heating floors without movement or expansion joints in the screed. The membrane is polypropylene with rounded square shaped reliefs that create channels for the ProLine floor heating cable. Because of Prodeso’s design, it is an extremely versatile product. It can be used to heat whole rooms, or can simply be used as an uncoupling membrane, or ProLine heat cable can be installed to warm specific areas. Prodeso is a great choice for heating ceramic tile flooring or other flooring materials that are prone to cracking or areas that have difficult substrates. The Prodeso membrane measures in at only ¼-inch and is extremely light, making it an easy choice for areas where load capacity may be an issue.

Installation of Prodeso is quick and easy. The membrane comes on rolls and is laid out across the entire subfloor. After the membrane is laid out, ProLine’s floor heating cable is embedded and secured in the pre-designated channels. After the cable is installed in the areas needed, flooring is installed over the Prodeso membrane. Installation can be completed quickly and accurately, making it a great choice for contractors. Prodeso’s versatility also allows it to be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications, as it is safe to use under any weather conditions.

If ProLine heat cable isn’t the right fit for your project, ProLine also offers a thin, innovative FilmHeat product. This floor heating system consists a of highly-effective extra thin heating element. This element adds no floor build up and provides regulated heat that is very efficient. This system is also UL approved and comes with a 10-year warranty. ProLine’s thin film heating element is one of the best options for projects with laminate and floating floors, as it is a great value, is easy to install and results in no floor buildup. ProLine’s thin film heating element is cut to the appropriate length on site and then laid out directly onto the subfloor. After the electrical connections are made the flooring is installed directly on top of the element. A special version of the thin film heating element is also available for customers looking to add radiant heat to exiting flooring. It element is stapled up between the floor joists to heat existing floors and batt insulation is attached over the element to direct all heat up to warm the floor.

RetroHeat installed to heat existing tile floor

With so many industry leading radiant heat products available you can be sure all customer needs will be met. But keep in mind that radiant heat systems are only as good as their installation. That is where ProLine outdoes the competition. Along with great products, ProLine is one of the few wholesale companies that offers complete customer support services, ensuring that your investment in radiant heat pays off for you and your customers.

Support specialists are available every step of the way to make sure that the most important parts of any radiant heat system – design and installation – are taken care of. Without a proper design, installation can be complicated and take longer than necessary. At ProLine, professional engineers will prepare a detailed design of the system that will contain all the layout and specifications needed for installation, including power requirements, proper materials, load calculation, the number of breakers and their sizes, and so on. This detailed layout is created for each radiant heat system, and assures that each system is installed properly, saving your business time and money by minimizing issues during install.

When you’re ready to start installation, ProLine also has top-notch installation training and support for contractors and professionals. Installation support from ProLine is unmatched in the industry – support is available throughout installation, and online training courses are free with an experienced instructor. ProLine professionals will work with you whenever you need help during the installation to make sure that the process is pain free and your customer is happy.

With ProLine’s wholesale pricing and full customer support services, contractors and professionals can’t go wrong. If you’re interested in wholesale radiant floor products for your business or have any questions, call a ProLine professional today at 866.676.9276.