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Offer Your Customers Affordable, Premier Roof De-icing Solutions

Winter months are approaching quickly, and that means snow will be on walkways, driveways, and rooftops. Rooftops can be one of the dangerous places for snow and ice buildup during the winter. Filling icicles and sheets of ice can pose a danger to pedestrians below, not to mention the damage that ice dams can cause to structures. Runoff that pools behind ice dams and refreezes can eventually damage roofs, and lead to interior problems as well, such as water damage and mold and mildew. Roof de-icing is a great way to offer safety and assurance to customers during the often extreme conditions of the winter season. Roof de-icing systems from ProLine are commonly installed on hotel roofs and other commercial structures to enhance safety and protect roofs. The systems are versatile, fully automated, and energy efficient.

Roof de-icing systems typically consist of a contactor panel, an activation device, and a heating element. Each system from ProLine features state of the art, unique heating elements that allow for complete customization when installing a roof de-icing system. Most systems are self-regulating and fully automated, so when the sensor detects the appropriate temperature and precipitation, it will activate and keep the area clear of snow and ice. This convenience makes it a great option for any business or home looking to ensure pedestrian safety and prolong the life of the roof. Roof de-icing systems will prevent ice dams that form when snow and ice melts, runs down the roof, and refreezes along the colder roof eaves. These dams can cause roof leaking that can lead to expensive water damage. Ice and snow buildup can also happen in gutters, downspouts, and roof valleys, destroying your gutters as well as the roof. Installing a roof de-icing system in these areas or along the edge of a roof is not only extremely popular, but an effective choice for eliminating potential problems. Installing a roof de-icing system along the edge of a roof – or any area – will assure proper drainage and help to prevent damage.

Heated roof edges with self-regulating heat cable.

ProLine’s self regulating heat cable is an excellent choice for a variety of roof de-icing applications. This industry leading cable is not only effective, but energy efficient. It is UL recognized, and features an irradiated conductive core that will increase the output of heat as the temperature outside falls. This core is protected by a UV-stabilized thermoplastic elastomer outerjacket that is rugged enough for any environment, and the sturdy cable is available in a variety of lengths for quick and easy installation. Self-regulating heat cable is extremely versatile and can be easily installed in any area of the roof, gutters, downspouts, and oddly shaped areas. ProLine’s self regulating cable is one the most recommended roof heating solutions available today, and is a great investment to offer any home or business owner.

ProLine also offers a pre-terminated self-regulated heat cable. This single-point connection, 120V 6-watt cable comes pre-assembled, and can be installed and plugged directly into a standard outlet or GFCI power plug. The cable is available in 50, 75, or 100 foot lengths. The main benefit of pre-assembled self terminated cable is its quick and easy installation, which requires no special skills or tools. The heat trace cable can also be used for industrial applications, including hazardous or corrosive environments.

Another convenient option for heat trace solutions on rooflines, gutters, downspouts, or even pipes is ProLine’s constant wattage heat cable. This cable is also pre-assembled and can be plugged into a regular outlet, but has a parallel heating core. This core produces a uniform thermal output over the entire length, and power output remains the same in any temperature, unlike self-regulating heat cable. With just a single power point, heat tracing systems can be installed along lengths up to several hundred feet. Constant wattage cable can be easily installed, making it a good choice for small trouble spots or industrial and even most chemically hostile environments. This cable is also used for process heating to control the flow of viscous materials.

If heat cable isn’t your first choice for the application at hand, ProLine also offers an industry leading low-voltage roof de-icing system. This system is different from self regulated heat cable, as the heating element is a semi-conductive thin polymer panel that can be cut, stapled, and nailed on site. Low-voltage systems are most often used for melting snow and ice under shingle and metal roofs. With the low-voltage de-icing system, transformers step down from high-voltage to low- voltage while controlling a different section of the roof de-icing system. The low-voltage system is also self-regulating, so when the temperature rises, consumption of energy decreases, assuring energy efficient performance. ProLine’s low-voltage roof-de-icing system is available in multiple widths, (3, 6, 9, or 12 inches) making it versatile enough for any roof de-icing project.

ProLine’s array of products makes offering roof de-icing systems for your customers easy. Industry leading, versatile self-regulated heating cable is the most popular and efficient choice for most customers, but heat trace cable can also be paired with other roof de-icing systems (such as the low-voltage system) to assure that each customer receives the systems that best fit their needs. Working with ProLine also means industry leading customer service; which includes system design, free installation training, and technical support. If you’re looking for a way to increase your business this winter and provide safe, efficient roof de-icing for your customers, ProLine offers a selection and prices that can’t be beat. If you are ready to get started with roof de-icing for your business, contact a ProLine customer service specialist today at 866.676.9276.

ProLine Offers Industry Leading Self-regulating Heat Trace Cable

Self-regulating Heat Cable for Roof and Gutter Heat and Pipe Tracing  Applications

To supplement your roofing business, you may want to consider installing ProLine roof heating systems for your customers. ProLine pre-assembled (pre-terminated) self-regulating heat cable is the premier solution for quick, easy installation for roof and gutter heating and pipe trace applications. These pre-assembled plug-and-play kits come with the option of a standard power cord with or without a GFCI power plug. The termination, power connection, splice, tee, and end seal kit reduces installation time and requires no special skills or tools.

Heavy snow accumulation on roof

ProLine’s PLSRL cable is most frequently used for roofs. This cable features a flexible outer jacket and durable carbon core, providing consistent performance, long lifespan, and easy installation in cold temperatures. Other types of self-regulating heat trace cable in ProLine’s wheelhouse include:

PLSRR – This UL-listed self-regulating heat cable can be used for roof / gutter heating and pipe tracing applications. The cable features a flexible, UV stabilized thermoplastic elastomer overjacket that protects the durable carbon core for wet applications and exposure to the sun. This parallel heating cable is designed for a variety of industrial applications and environments, including explosion-hazardous and nonhazardous areas. PLSRR, and can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves. Includes a NON-PRORATED 10-year warranty.

PLSRP self-regulating heat cable is an industrial grade self-regulating heat cable designed for pipe trace applications. The cable features a flexible outer jacket and durable carbon core, providing consistent performance, long lifespan, and easy installation in cold temperatures.

PLSRS is an industrial grade self-regulating heat cable is designed for pipe trace applications. The cable features a flexible outer jacket and durable carbon core, providing consistent performance, long lifespan, and easy installation in cold temperatures.

PLSRM self-regulating heat cable is designed for pipe trace applications. The cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipes, valves, flanges. PLSRM heat cable is suitable for use on small diameter plastic or metal pipes and instrument tubing in residential and light commercial applications. The cable features a flexible outer jacket and durable carbon core, providing consistent performance, long lifespan, and easy installation in cold temperatures.

Pipe tracing heat cable
Self-regulating heat cable for pipe trace applications.

ProLine roof and gutter heating cable is UL recognized under the Appliance Wire Classification (file E76498) and meets the requirements of the NEC (National Electric Code) Section 426.

Adding ProLine roof and gutter snow melting systems to your menu of services is a logical, easy way to generate additional business with your existing customers.

Learn more about ProLine Radiant’s professional design/layout services and installation support, as well as ProLine’s free installation training by calling a ProLine radiant heat expert today at 866.676.9276.

ProLine Radiant Floor Heating Solutions

A Wide Variety of Trusted Products

The cooling temperatures are a great incentive to continue to grow your business by installing ProLine radiant heated floors. Loyalty and word of mouth can drive your business, and ProLine products will give you just the reputation you need to continue to build on yours. ProLine floor heating systems are compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials, and offer the premium performance you’d expect from an industry leader. Installation is easy, and once complete, the systems deliver comfortable, even floor heat. And good performance is good for business. (ProLine also offers free installation training.)

Each radiant floor heating job you take on is as unique as the customers you serve. Available on spools or pre-spaced on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh, ProLine cable is flexible to meet these demands. Either product can be rolled and cut on site for quick installation, allowing you to tackle challenging, custom-shaped floor-heating projects for your customers with ease.

ProLine floor heating cable can be fitted under just about any flooring surface, and all adjustments of cable spacing (and coverage) can be made onsite. ProLine twin conductor design is matched with premium materials designed to withstand the harshest conditions. It also includes built in ground fault (GFCI) protection and emits no measurable electromagnetic fields (EMF).

ProLine systems also come with a GFCI protected thermostat and strapping to secure and properly space the heating cable. To simplify installation and final hookup, the cable is harnessed with a single lead. And all ProLine cable is UL/CSA approved and is covered by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

ProLine floor heating mats are simply pre-configured ProLine cable that is pre-spaced in mats for easy installation. They’re compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials, and can be installed directly under tile, natural stone and a variety of hard surfaces. Their low 3/16-inch (3 mm) profile makes these mats great for renovations. They’re also pre-terminated for use with 120V and 240V, and available in various lengths (heating a width of 24-inches).

ProLine thermostats are specifically designed to control electric radiant floor heating systems for maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption. Like spool cable and flooring mats, ProLine thermostats include a Class A GFCI. During conditions that trigger a snow event, an external sensor communicates with the thermostat to turn the cables on or off. Or the thermostat can be configured for control of the floor temperature and regulator without a sensor. The thermostat and GFCI are dual voltage models suitable for 120/240V, 50/60Hz power supplies.

Flexibility and convenience are the hallmark of the ProLine product line. These systems are also matched by outstanding customer support and education available online, and over the phone. ProLine floor heating systems include.

TileHeat – ProLine TileHeat is designed to effectively warm ceramic tile floors. The thin heating cable minimizes floor buildup and is available on spools or pre-spaced in mats for easy “roll out” installation. This system is also effective in heating most other types of floor surfaces.

Installing floor heating cable mats
Radiant floor heating mats being installed to warm a basement floor.

Slab/Storage Heat – The Storage Heat cable is designed for installation in concrete slabs, where it efficiently distributes and stores heat. The cable has a slightly larger diameter than other ProLine floor heating cables, allowing it to be lower in cost and higher in heat output. The cable is installed in the concrete slab below the flooring materials and is most often used in new construction where overall material cost is a primary concern.

FoilHeat – FoilHeat is an ultra thin electric radiant floor heating system designed primarily for use under laminate, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors. The system is made with fluoropolymer insulated heating cables that are sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminum foil. FoilHeat mats can be cut and shaped on site to meet the specific requirements of the project.

Call ProLine to learn more about our products and installation support, free training, and professional design and layout services. Call ProLine today at (866.676.9276).

ProLine’s Advanced Roof Deicing Solution

Low-Voltage, Self-Regulating Roof Heating Systems

As we emerge from another brutal winter, we see a wake of water damaged structures and compromised roofs. Heavy snowfall in the Northeastern United States was responsible for countless numbers of damaged roofs as well as personal injuries. With future winters predicted to continue to produce extreme snowfall, many of those who are repairing their roofs now are looking to install a roof deicing system. Even those who escaped this winter unscathed are exploring their roof heating options in an attempt to protect their roofs from future storms.

ProLine Radiant offers one of the most advanced roof heating solutions that has quickly become a favorite among professional roofers. ProLine’s low-voltage roof heating system has proven to be an ideal solution for keeping roof valleys and edges clear of ice and snow, preventing costly ice dams from forming.

Low-voltage roof deicing system being installed

Roof edges and eaves do not have any heat warming the roof from below, so they’re much colder and prone to ice buildup from snow melting higher on the roof. As heat escapes from the attic and melts snow high on the roof, the water runs down and refreezes when it reaches the colder eaves, creating an ice dam that forces more water to pool up behind it. With nowhere to go, the water eventually seeps through the decking during the day and refreezes again at night, expanding small cracks. The water gradually works its way down onto ceilings and walls, resulting in costly water damage and mold.

Unlike other radiant heating options, the heating element for ProLine’s low-voltage system features a thin self-regulating, semi-conductive polymer heating element. This flexible heating element is polypropylene fused during fabrication to achieve water proofing and protection from alkaline or salt damage, and can be mounted discreetly under the shingles to provide roof heating to roof valleys, edges and trouble spots.

Because the polymer heating element can be nailed/stapled and cut on site, it’s easy to work with and install. This speeds up the installation time and reduces costs.

Low-voltage heating element
Low-voltage polymer roof heating element.

These fully automated roof heating systems feature an activation device/snow sensor that detects precipitation and temperature. When conditions warrant, the sensor signals the controller when then sends power to the heating element to heat your roof.

Installing a ProLine roof deicing system can preserve and protect a new roof installation from snow and ice buildup for years to come. Besides saving consumers money, ProLine’s self-regulating, low-voltage roof deicing systems can save homeowners the time and effort of having to manually remove snow and ice.

ProLine Radiant also includes professional design/layout services and installation support with each roof heating system. Installers can also take advantage of ProLine’s free installation training. Contact a ProLine representative today to learn more about your radiant heating options (866.676.9276).

Self-Regulating Heat Cable – A Proven Winner

Industry Leading Gutter Melt Systems Feature ProLine’s Self-Regulating Heat Cable

Heavy snow and ice results in costly roof and gutter damage every year. Keeping gutters and downspouts clear of ice helps to facilitate runoff and protect roofs, which dramatically reduces the chance of water damage to homes and businesses.

Ice dams are the most costly and common problems associated with roof and water damage. Heat rises from the house and into the attic, warming the roof. This causes the bottom layer of snow to melt and trickle down towards the roof’s edge. Because the eaves hang over the house, there is no warmth, causing the water to refreeze and form an ice dam near the roof’s edge. When additional snow up higher on the roof melts, the water trickles down and begins to pool up behind the newly formed ice. Soon, a considerable pool of water has formed.

Self-regulating heat cable
Self-regulating gutter trace and roof heat cable.

This water repeats the freezing and thawing process, which can ultimately damage the roof. Water seeps into small cracks and then expands when it refreezes at night. Eventually the integrity of the roof is compromised and water can find its way into the house. This ultimately can lead to costly water damage and even mold and mildew growth.

Placing self-regulating heat cable along the roof’s edge and in trouble spots can eliminate this problem. ProLine heat cable is also the ideal solution for keeping gutters and downspouts free of snow and ice, facilitating runoff.

ProLine’s self-regulating heat cable is among the best in its class. When compared to other leading brands, ProLine cable is more flexible and can be installed in lower temperatures. When other heat cable is bent at a radius of 2 inches, the outer jacket tends to pucker and pull away from the cable core. This can lead to cable failure. ProLine’s outer jacket is more flexible and does not pull away from the core, even at a tighter bend radius of 1½ inches.

For quality roof gutter melt solutions, deal with the experts at ProLine. In addition to providing superior products, ProLine also includes installation support and professional design and layout services with each system.

ProLine also offers free installation training courses. Contact ProLine today to learn more about our products or free training (866.676.9276).