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Introducing the Industry’s Premier Single-feed Contactor Panels

ProLine’s EcoTrace Single-feed Panels Feature the Design Breakthrough Electricians have been Waiting for

ProLine Radiant, a leading wholesale provider of radiant snow melting systems is now making its new EcoTrace 100 and 200-amp single-feed snow melting system contactor panels available to its customers. Hailed by electricians and installers alike, the new EcoTrace panels represent a technological breakthrough by addressing the longstanding power-feed concerns of electricians. The new panels feature a single power feed capability, which can dramatically reduce the installation labor demands for electricians and result in cost savings for customers.

The industry’s current contactor panels require the electrician to run several circuits from the home’s breaker box to the snow melting system’s contactor panel. This process can take considerable time and materials – especially for larger systems – which ultimately impacts the overall cost. But the new EcoTrace panels are designed for just one circuit to be routed to the panel from the breaker box. Therefore, the cost-saving benefits of the SF100 and SF200 single-feed panels are realized by significantly reducing the labor demands during the installation of the system.

The new single-feed contactor panel with callouts

The EcoTrace SF100 and SF200 single-feed contactor panels are self-contained with contactors, GFEP protection, and in-line fuses. Because there is no need to run multiple circuits to the contactor panel, the electrician can simply run a single circuit, and thereby save hours (and possibly days) in installation labor for larger systems. The single-feed contactors can also eliminate the need for a sub-panel. The SF100 and SF200 offer homeowners greater flexibility by providing a labor-saving option that was previously unavailable.

“The engineering of these advanced panels is state-of-the-art,” stated Jim Sage, an electrical expert and senior radiant heat system designer. “The SF100 and SF200 panels were designed to save electricians a lot of time and effort, which can translate into a significant cost savings for homeowners. We’re excited to offer them to our customers.”

Installing a heated driveway.

To learn more about the EcoTrace single-feed panels, contact a ProLine representative today at 866.676.9276. Or call to consult freely with our radiant heat professionals and discover what options are best for your radiant heat project.


As a leading wholesale provider of radiant heat solutions, ProLine Radiant offers a large selection of the industry’s most trusted products – at discount prices. Unlike other wholesale providers, ProLine includes free installation training, professional system design and layout, and technical installation support with its systems.

ProLine routinely provides radiant heat solutions to customers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information contact ProLine at 866.676.9276.

What Makes ProLine Snow Melting Systems Better than Others?

A Look at What Makes ProLine Radiant a Preferred Leader

There are many manufacturers and providers of radiant heat snow melting systems, but how is one different from another? Is it technology? Is it product longevity and warranties? Why would two systems utilizing very similar heating cable perform so differently? Certainly the aforementioned are important aspects of trusted snowmelt systems, but these factors alone can’t account for greatness. And it doesn’t answer the question as to why two systems that utilize very similar heating cable could perform so differently.

While most products and system components are similar, not all providers – and installers – are created equal. Without doubt, offering quality components at consumer-friendly prices is essential for radiant heat providers to appeal to the masses, but is this all that consumers are looking for? Is quality or price the end all deciding factor that homeowners and builders seek? Remember this: for those components to function as advertised, they must be installed properly.

Asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks

Proper installation means more than having competent installers. Those installers need to have the technical support and installation training from professionals with years of experience installing these systems. This means more than the token “call us if you have any questions” rhetoric that we often hear as we’re walking out the door after making a purchase.

Radiant heat systems are relatively easy to install. So easy, it seems that some installers are tempted to dive into the process without any training, and not understanding some of the basic guidelines such as proper cable spacing or embedding the cable splice to the cold lead.

So, as easy as radiant heat systems are to install, there are some key tips that must be followed to ensure that the system performs as intended. And ProLine Radiant makes sure that this information is covered by providing free installation training that addresses all the points that are crucial for a successful install. This interactive training covers all the steps relative to the installer’s project. The training can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the installer, and only takes about an hour. This is time well spent, and ultimately saves time and money in the long run.

ProLine Radiant’s professional design team also provides detailed system layouts that not only show the system design, cable layout, sensor and contactor panel / controller, but all the system’s technical issues as well. Installers will know the proper layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and system performance expectations before any installation takes place.

Installing heating cable in mats for heated driveway and sidewalk

When working with ProLine, contractors and installers can be confident that they have the full resources and expertise of ProLine’s radiant heat designers and support staff behind them.

These services are what differentiate ProLine from other providers of radiant heat systems. We take a personal approach and stand ready to assist installers after the purchase. Our goal is not to simply provide radiant heat systems, but to ensure that customers are satisfied with their installations.

Call ProLine Radiant to learn more about our products and service offerings. We offer wholesale pricing and unmatched customer support. Call 866.676.9276 today.