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Boost Your Business

Let ProLine take care of the Details while you Add to your Bottom Line

Many contractors have opted to boost their bottom line by offering radiant heat installations. This includes heated driveways, roof deicing systems, heated floors and more. But the decision to install radiant heat systems shouldn’t be made lightly. After all, there are many different providers, products and services that are available. Choosing the right one can make all the difference for your business, so to find the radiant heat partner that will be best for you, consider some of these attributes.

Heated sidewalks

Established Provider: If you’re making calls and talking with various radiant heat providers, don’t be afraid to ask about their business. Have they been around longer than 12-months? Who are some of their clients? What are some of the projects they’ve been involved with?

Offerings from more than one Manufacturer: Some providers have a limited offering, so they recommend their one heating element and/or system components for every application. That is not necessarily bad – so long as their one product is a proven industry leader. But in reality, different applications sometimes require different components. Providers with several different options are more likely to recommend the solution that will best meet your customers’ specific needs.

Trusted Products: A variety of systems and components is important, but those products should be proven industry winners. Ask questions about the various options and learn about some of their specific features and why they are advantageous in some circumstances.

Complete System Design Services: This is essential. Sure, radiant heat is not difficult to install, and some installers tend to get a little over confident and assume, “how hard could it be?” True, you can go to Home Depot and buy whatever heat cable you need, but most reputable contractors avoid that mentality. A successful business is built with happy customers, and to ensure your success and your customers’ happiness, you’ll want to have the system designed by radiant heat experts who take every detail into consideration.

Let ProLine do the work for you! Seasoned pros like those at ProLine have been designing systems for years, so they know every in and out when it comes to successfully installing a radiant heat system. Before any heat cable is laid, you’ll know the proper materials and precise layout, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on. ProLine doesn’t just sell radiant heat systems and components. We partner with professional builders and work with them to ensure that their customer is satisfied. As such, we have an ongoing relationship with contractors throughout the U.S. And because we have experience working with installers across the country, we can refer additional business to them. It’s a win-win relationship.

Free consulting without the Sales Pressure: The top providers are going to take the time necessary to answer your questions and help you understand what options are best for your application. Don’t waste time talking with those who don’t spend time listening. Early in the conversation, you’ll likely determine whether you’re dealing with a trusted professional or an opportunistic amateur.

Dedicated Support Staff (Experts on hand to Provide Technical Support): Make sure your provider also includes installation support. Nothing can be more frustrating that starting your install only to hit a snag that brings everything to a halt. As a wholesale provider, ProLine is unique in its service offerings. In addition to discounted products, we still include personal services, such as installation support. And the support isn’t simply offered by your sales rep; ProLine has a dedicated support staff that is on hand to field your call – should you need. Team up with a provider that intends to stay with you throughout the installation process. With ProLine, you’re assured of having a partner who will be there every step of the way.

Free Installation Training: In addition to the design and support services, ProLine offers free installation training courses for installers. This service may be unique among wholesale providers. In fact, ProLine’s services generally surpass all those extended by retail radiant heat providers. You’re not only getting the best prices; you’re also getting the best services.

Heated driveway with brick pavers

The installation training courses can be completed in person or online with an instructor via Webex. This valuable training includes all aspects of your installation, helping to eliminate surprises and speed up the installation process. The courses usually take less than an hour, but they can save a great deal of time in the long run. A certificate is awarded to installers upon completion, and once they are certified ProLine can refer additional business their way.

Providers that don’t extend comprehensive customer support services don’t really have anything to lose. Once they sell you the components, they disappear like a thief in the night. Don’t get caught holding the short end of the stick. Radiant heat represents a significant investment, so invest with a partner you can trust.  Team up with an experienced professional that will take care of the details so you can focus on what you do best. Rest easy, knowing that we’ve got your back.

For free consulting, or to learn more about ProLine’s many products and services call 866.676.9276 today.

What Makes ProLine Snow Melting Systems Better than Others?

A Look at What Makes ProLine Radiant a Preferred Leader

There are many manufacturers and providers of radiant heat snow melting systems, but how is one different from another? Is it technology? Is it product longevity and warranties? Why would two systems utilizing very similar heating cable perform so differently? Certainly the aforementioned are important aspects of trusted snowmelt systems, but these factors alone can’t account for greatness. And it doesn’t answer the question as to why two systems that utilize very similar heating cable could perform so differently.

While most products and system components are similar, not all providers – and installers – are created equal. Without doubt, offering quality components at consumer-friendly prices is essential for radiant heat providers to appeal to the masses, but is this all that consumers are looking for? Is quality or price the end all deciding factor that homeowners and builders seek? Remember this: for those components to function as advertised, they must be installed properly.

Asphalt driveway with heated tire tracks

Proper installation means more than having competent installers. Those installers need to have the technical support and installation training from professionals with years of experience installing these systems. This means more than the token “call us if you have any questions” rhetoric that we often hear as we’re walking out the door after making a purchase.

Radiant heat systems are relatively easy to install. So easy, it seems that some installers are tempted to dive into the process without any training, and not understanding some of the basic guidelines such as proper cable spacing or embedding the cable splice to the cold lead.

So, as easy as radiant heat systems are to install, there are some key tips that must be followed to ensure that the system performs as intended. And ProLine Radiant makes sure that this information is covered by providing free installation training that addresses all the points that are crucial for a successful install. This interactive training covers all the steps relative to the installer’s project. The training can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the installer, and only takes about an hour. This is time well spent, and ultimately saves time and money in the long run.

ProLine Radiant’s professional design team also provides detailed system layouts that not only show the system design, cable layout, sensor and contactor panel / controller, but all the system’s technical issues as well. Installers will know the proper layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and system performance expectations before any installation takes place.

Installing heating cable in mats for heated driveway and sidewalk

When working with ProLine, contractors and installers can be confident that they have the full resources and expertise of ProLine’s radiant heat designers and support staff behind them.

These services are what differentiate ProLine from other providers of radiant heat systems. We take a personal approach and stand ready to assist installers after the purchase. Our goal is not to simply provide radiant heat systems, but to ensure that customers are satisfied with their installations.

Call ProLine Radiant to learn more about our products and service offerings. We offer wholesale pricing and unmatched customer support. Call 866.676.9276 today.

Comments from ProLine Customers

ProLine Radiant Customers Share Their Thoughts

To all potential ProLine customers,

I am a landscape designer, located on the seacoast of New Hampshire. We get plenty of snow in the winter, and I truly believe that heated driveways and walkways are the next big thing for our area, as in some of the more dense residential areas there is often no place to put the snow. However, before recommending radiant heat to my clients, I needed to try it and live with it myself.

This fall, we installed ProLine heating cables in our driveway. So far we have had two storms, one mainly snow, and the other rain and ice. The driveway performed beautifully. During the snow storm, it melted the snow effortlessly. We had forgotten to put it on automatic so it was off during the first part of the storm. After realizing this, we turned the system on, but not before a couple of inches had already fallen, but it still managed to make up for lost time.

During the ice storm, the driveway was DRY, while everything else was covered in a skin of ice. Great success! I’m not much of a snow lover, but I’m actually looking forward to the next storm!

Radiant snow melting system heating paver driveway.
ProLine snow melting system installed to heat a paver driveway in New Hampshire.

Although I am thus far completely sold on the product, the purpose of this letter is really to rave about ProLine’s customer service and support. These days, good customer service is rare, and great customer service is almost nonexistent. ProLine’s service is in the “great” category. For a new customer, with limited experience in outdoor heating, their technical support was crucial. Having a video web chat with Jim and looking at the schematic of the job before we began was one of the reasons for the success of the project. But the step-by-step instruction was only a part of the support that ProLine provided. Throughout the process they were always in touch. Larry, the account manager, was always there to answer questions, even when he was on vacation!

Brandon visited the site twice to answer questions and offer support, and Jim was always on the other end of the phone to talk to my electrician when it was necessary. They seemed to anticipate our needs and fulfill them before we even knew what they were ourselves.

In my years as a homeowner and landscape designer I have dealt with all sorts of people on all sorts of projects, and the service and support that we experienced from ProLine was among the best. It was a breath of fresh air, and I look forward to hopefully doing a lot of business with them in the future.

          – Wickie R., Owner of Drawing Room Ink

Learn more about ProLine Radiant’s professional design/layout services and installation support, as well as ProLine’s free installation training by calling a ProLine radiant heat expert today at 866.676.9276.