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ProLine Offers the Best in Radiant Heat at Sizzling Summer Prices

With a record-number of Americans staying put for the foreseeable future, radiant heat home improvement projects are gaining popularity. Sheltering in place has fueled this demand. Customers are reimagining their living spaces inside and out, with spa like features and conveniences designed to make their lives easier. To meet this demand, increasingly contractors are looking to add radiant heat solutions to their menu of services. According to Real Simple magazine, among the top features homebuyers are clamoring for this year are radiant heated floors. If you haven’t already considered offering radiant heat solutions to your customers, ProLine can certainly help you stay on top of this trend. ProLine Radiant is a leading designer, manufacturer, and premier wholesale supplier of radiant heat solutions of all kinds. Their expertise includes state-of-the-art automated snow melting systems, self-regulating roof and gutter heat trace solutions, and interior radiant heat systems. Whatever your customers are looking for, ProLine has the experience and pricing to help your business flourish. But unlike other wholesale providers, ProLine also includes industry-leading support services, including free installation training, complete system design, and installation support.

Heated driveway installation in concrete.
Installing a radiant heated driveway in concrete.

Radiant heat solutions can boost your equity, and offer an affordable alternative to more costly home improvement projects that will not send your customers into sticker shock. Consider recent shortages in lumber, glass, copper, and other construction materials, which have aggravated demand and caused building project costs to skyrocket over the recent months. Instead of trending upward, ProLine pricing on radiant heat supplies have remained consistent and competitive.

ProLine has a large warehouse filled with inventory, and plenty of products in stock. More inventory allows ProLine to pass on radiant heat materials at a considerable savings to contractors without feeling the constraints of the current market. These deep discounts, plus more access to product, results in less delays and faster turnaround times for radiant heat projects, and allow you to realize quicker returns on your labors. You might say working with ProLine can benefit your business, giving you the ability to respond to the most impatient homeowner with a fast, affordable way to increase the value of their home. Now you can raise your hand with confidence, knowing that you have a supplier who can back you up when it’s time to tackle that automated snow melting installation or roof de-icing or floor heating system.

The quality of ProLine products is informed by years of deep industry knowledge, making ProLine the trusted supplier of industrial, commercial, and residential radiant heat solutions in the business and the supplier of choice for professional builders and electricians in North America. The experts at ProLine are more than happy to share this experience with an unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding customer service.

ProLine recognizes their success is only as good as your installation, starting with the design of your radiant heat system. From your first contact with ProLine, a radiant heat professional will listen to your needs and suggest the best options. He’ll walk you through your project, providing you with a detailed radiant heat design and system layout. You’ll receive everything you need to execute the design, including the heating element, sensor/activation device, and controller, as well as all the electrical information such as breaker sizes, number of breakers, and load calculations. As questions or challenges come up during the radiant heat installation, the ProLine team is there for you. Electrical experts and system designers are available to address any questions or concerns you may have, and walk you through the installation process. ProLine also maintains an online library of instructional videos, product documentation, and newsletters that you can access at any time.

One of ProLine’s most valued services is its free radiant heat system installation training. These training courses are designed to benefit professional builders by covering all the aspects of your specific installation. These interactive online courses are given by industry experts who understand the challenges of your project from start to finish. They also offer the flexibility to attend in person or online with your instructor. You’ll benefit from step by step instructions, clear illustrations, photos, and personal interactions with the instructor to give you the confidence needed to move forward with your radiant heat installation. After the training you’ll receive a certificate of completion, and then, if you choose, ProLine can recommend you as an installer for upcoming residential and commercial projects in your area. It’s also an incentive you can offer members of your team to gain knowledge, beef up their installation skills and earn industry recognition. Of course, a highly trained team is always an attractive option for customers who are looking to install radiant heat.

Summer is a great time to drum up new business as a radiant heat installer and avoid the fall rush for materials. Whether you are new to radiant heat or have been working for many years as an installer, you’ll benefit from ProLine’s unmatched customer service and discount pricing. Call ProLine today at 866-676-9276 and see why ProLine is the favorite radiant heat provider among construction professionals.

The Features of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is a technology that is often discussed throughout the construction industry, and can be a great way to increase the bottom line for your business. Radiant heat can be installed in virtually any room in any home, and provides warm, comfortable heat. If you’re wondering if radiant heat is a good fit for your business, here are some pros and cons about radiant heat.

Radiant heat can be used to heat both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This heating technology is so effective because it works by heating objects, such as flooring or cement driveways, rather than air like traditional forced-air systems. The two technologies used for radiant heat are hydronic and electric. Hydronic radiant heat warms floors using a closed-loop network of pipes that run specially formulated heated water through them. This type of radiant heat is more expensive to install than electric systems, but has the potential of lower operating costs because these systems can operate on natural gas. The lower operating costs can make hydronic systems the popular option for heating larger areas, such as industrial facilities or entire homes. Electric radiant heat is different, in that it works by installing specialized heating elements (such as wire or thin mats) underneath the flooring.

Why Radiant Heat?

Silent, Maintenance Free Operation

Radiant heat requires no noisy furnace or blower, so the systems operate quietly in the background. Also, because electric floor heating (and snow melting) systems have no moving parts, they require no routine maintenance.

Health Benefits

Since radiant heat does not require a furnace and blower, there are no vents and no blowing air, circulating dust and allergens. Forced air systems tend to circulate particulate matter throughout the house, often causing problems for the elderly or those with allergies. Radiant heat eliminates the problem, making it a great choice for any family that suffers from allergies or other health issues.

FoilHeat radiant floor heating system

Comfortable, Uniform Heat

While HVAC systems push warm air through one or two vents in a room, a radiant heating system will heat an entire floor, plus the objects touching the floor. This creates even, comfortable heat that won’t leave cold or hot spots throughout the home. Any room where radiant heating is installed will always feel comfortable and welcoming.

Energy Efficient

Radiant heat is very energy efficient – in fact, it is the most efficient heating technology known today. Electric radiant heat utilizes minimal power. Electric radiant heat is also efficient because it can be precisely controlled. Each room or zone has its own thermostat, giving homeowners precise control over the areas of the house they wish to heat. This means that instead of trying to heat an entire house when tuned on like an HVAC system, radiant heat can be controlled one room at a time, saving energy and money. Additionally, since radiant heat works from the floor up, heat does not escape from vents and rise quickly to the ceiling, as so with traditional forced-air systems.

Easy Installation

A big benefit for the construction industry, as well as customers, is the ease of installation. A radiant heat system is relatively easy to install in new homes. Simply lay out the heating element, connect power and install the flooring. Any customer will love the ease of adding a convenient upgrade to their new home.


Radiant heat systems can be easily customized to meet your specific demands. With ProLine, there are options available for any home or project – and each project can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. ProLine offers multiple systems that can be used separately or combined to create a system that is the best fit for any home or business.

Installation under existing flooring

Not all floors need to be torn out to add a radiant heating system. ProLine’s RetroHeat floor heating systems allow homeowners to enjoy radiant heat without having to tear up their existing floors. Designed specifically for heating existing floors, the RetroHeat system consists of heating panels that are installed by stapling them between the floor joists. If you have access to the floor joists (through a basement or crawl space), radiant heat can be easily added to warm your existing floors.

Certainly there are a number of advantages that radiant heat has over traditional heating systems. However, it is important to understand all of the features of radiant before choosing the heating system of your choice. While radiant heat has a lot of positive aspects, here are some other aspects to consider when dealing with radiant heat.

Floor Height

While most ProLine floor heating systems result in very little or no floor buildup, some radiant floor heating systems can raise floor height almost ½ to ¾ of an inch. This can be an issue, especially if radiant heat is installed in just one room. Keep this is mind as you are searching for radiant floor heating systems. ProLine carries a wide variety of floor heating systems, so call a ProLine representative to learn more about the many floor heating options.


The initial price of a radiant heat system for a home can seem expensive. However, this price is offset by the savings received across the lifetime of the product. Radiant heat is energy efficient and can save money on monthly utilities. If price is still a concern for customers, radiant heat can also be installed only in specific areas that need heat. ProLine has experienced customer service professionals and system designers who can help find the best products to fit any price range, as well as the needs of the home or business.

Radiant heat systems can be a good fit for most contractors to offer their customers. Making radiant heat a part of your business is a great way to increase your customer base and offer state of the art, energy efficient heating. If you still have questions about radiant heat for your business, call a ProLine professional today at 866-676-9276.

The Advantages of Selling ProLine Radiant Heat and Snow Melting Systems

If the steady snowfall we’ve experienced this season is any indication of future winter events, it’s a great time to offer radiant heat solutions to your customers. Radiant heat is a growing trend among home and business owners for top-down heating and snow removal solutions. Efficient, environmentally friendly and very versatile, ProLine residential and commercial radiant heat systems offer you the chance to expand your offerings and win repeat business.

What makes this trend in heating so attractive to home and business owners alike? As you might expect, radiant heat works exactly as it sounds—it radiates through surfaces (think sidewalks, driveways and wood floors) to warm a specific area of a residence or commercial property quickly and efficiently. ProLine offers several choices for radiant heat systems; the two most common being:

  • Electric radiant heat—uses electric heat cable configured beneath a floor or driveway to warm it up
  • Hydronic radiant heat—relies on hot water delivered through a network of pipes underneath an indoor or outdoor surface to heat it

ProLine radiant heat solutions are designed to deliver consistent, even heat and can be easily configured according to client-specific preferences. Indoors, radiant heat generates a feeling comparable to the warm, enveloping heat of a stove or fireplace. These systems depend largely on heat transfer from one object to another, eliminating the draftiness and duct loss associated with traditional forced air, making them much more efficient.

A switch from forced air to radiant heat also improves air quality within a home, eliminating the constant blowing and belching of air ridden with dirt, dust and allergens that can compromise indoor environments. These clean systems are also very green options in more ways than one. Thermostats can be programmed heat to heat an entire home, or timed to heat specific areas, from kitchen, to living room and bedroom, conserving energy for pennies on the dollar. They’re also flexible enough to install under a variety of surfaces, including wood, laminate, tile and carpet.

Heated pavers outdoor mall

Of course this same science works wonders outside to keep snow and ice away from residences and commercial properties. ProLine offers several easily-configurable options, from electric cable right off the spool, to preconfigured mats or RauPanels (hydronic systems), depending on client preferences and overall needs. Electric cable, for example, is great for smaller, hard to reach or unusually shaped areas, while the demands of a larger commercial footprint may be better served with hydronics because of the possibility of lower operating costs. Either way, these applications mitigate risk by keeping pavement clear and dry, before snow and ice can accumulate. And they’re equally effective under brick pavers and stone as well as concrete and asphalt pours or overlays.

Fortunately, whatever client demands come your way, ProLine offers radiant heat professionals on-demand installation services, and an extensive inventory of products to match every job. We can walk you through a project from conception to completion. When you do business with ProLine, you’ll appreciate not only access to the pros, but free installation training and our vast library of materials, including articles and schematics to help you along the way. To learn more about ProLine products and services, including how to become a preferred ProLine professional, please contact us at 1-866-676-9276.