The Simple Things in Life

ProLine Makes Radiant Heat Installations Easy

“Don’t forget to enjoy the simple things in life.” Like many other kids, that was one piece of advice handed down to me by parents and teachers alike. Certainly, it’s good advice for all of us, but sometimes we lose sight of the simple things because we’re so busy trying to survive our complicated lives. Sure, I’ll stop to enjoy the sunset – right after I take care of this invoice, and then call to confirm the Johnson’s hot-mix asphalt delivery. Oh, and after I email this quote to the Coopers.

Like most other gold nuggets of wisdom passed down to me, “enjoy the simple things” was placed prominently on my shelf, so to speak, but over time it slowly got pushed aside. I was too busy to notice when it fell down between the wall and the bookcase. Life as a general contractor can be too busy to notice the simple things; or so I thought.

Few things are simple in the construction business. But when you find something simple that works, well, then that’s something worth hanging on to. Which is why I hang on to my relationship with ProLine.

You wouldn’t think that adding radiant heat installations to your service offerings would be a simple way to boost your bottom line, but ProLine made it easy for me. You see, unlike other wholesale providers of radiant heated driveways, roof de-icing, pipe tracing, and floor heating systems, ProLine includes unparalleled support services. These services make all the difference in the world because they simplify things for me.

Sure, the pricing alone made it enticing for me to consider radiant installations. But seeing how ProLine takes care of so much of the legwork on each project, I felt like I couldn’t go wrong in giving it a try. When I had the opportunity to install a heated ramp for a large commercial parking structure, I jumped at the chance. I called ProLine.

Snow melting system installed in ramp to parking structure.

Keep in mind that ProLine is a wholesale provider. They provide products to your local electrical wholesaler. When you go to your electrical wholesaler and purchase ProLine radiant heat products, you also get the industry-leading customer support services as well. This used to be unheard of for wholesale providers! ProLine’s support services include free installation training, installation support, and complete system design and layout. This is good news for me and my customers. I don’t get bogged down with a lot of details. I let the radiant heat experts do what they do best, and they let me focus on what I do best.

ProLine’s system design team is as good as they come. Every system is carefully thought out, and custom designed to meet the specific demands (and budget) of the customer, and every detail of the system is covered in the AutoCAD. In addition to the precise layout of the heating elements and components, other info includes the electrical demands, performance needs, and budget. Your electrician will know everything he needs to properly install the system, including the proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on.

The detailed layout then serves as a road map for the installation team. But before any installation takes place, free installation training is provided. The training is offered via video conference, and is usually completed in less than an hour. The instructor goes over every aspect of the installation, and installers can stop and ask questions at any time.

Despite the free training, sometimes questions can arise during an installation. If that’s the case, no problem. ProLine has a staff of installation experts who are always available and happy to assist. Your electrician or installer can call to clarify or address any issue at hand.

To be honest, I really don’t do much, or worry much about installing radiant heat nowadays. I trust ProLine. Sure, I was a little nervous during my first couple of installs, but now I feel confident in offering all types of radiant heat solutions. And having the radiant heat arrow in my quiver of offerings has helped my business. Where others say “no”, I can say “yes”.

I am grateful there are companies like ProLine that not only provide quality products at affordable prices, but back those products with absolute top-notch services. I appreciate ProLine for making it easy for me to grow my business. I now have a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life.

Hey, did you see that sunset last night? Spectacular!

For more details about radiant floor heating systems from ProLine, or snow melting systems, call a friendly ProLine representative today, at 866-676-9276.